AMC already released a teaser for Season 2 last month, focusing on that road-trip feeling (with plenty of explosions and general craziness thrown in for good measure), promising fans of the comics a run that is a little bit more like what they were expecting in Season 1.

Now, the network has released a new trailer (viewable at, and it looks even better. The trailer is still very much a tease, lasting just 30 seconds, but includes several entirely new scenes. This time around, though, the emphasis is not on the road trip but on the big bad of the season (and potentially, seasons to come): The Cowboy (Graham McTavish).

Preacher Season 2 Poster Preacher Season 2 Trailer Unleashes The Saint of Killers

Fans of the books know that the Cowboy is, in fact, the Saint of Killers, an immortal, supernatural killing machine who has been sent after Jesse (and Genesis within him). He’s already had his backstory fleshed out in Season 1, although the show hasn’t quite got to the point that he becomes the Saint entirely – that’s something we’re sure to see this summer. It definitely looks like the Saint of Killers is going to be a major character this season, thanks to the moment in this latest trailer when Jesse and Cassidy are asked if he is a “guest star or something larger,” and they answer: “Recurring.”

In addition, the trailer includes a few new scenes – like Tulip refusing to let Jesse drive, a look at what Fiore (Tom Brooke) is up to now, and the Cowboy doing his thing – as well as some that have been seen before, like the latex ‘dog’, stage show, and Tulip running through an explosion. It certainly seems as though Preacher Season 2 is going to take the characters and insanity of the first year and turn it up several thousand notches.

Preacher Season 2 premieres on Sunday, June 25 before moving to its regular time on Mondays for the rest of the season.