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Preacher (AMC) Season Finale - "Where is God?"


When Jesse and his congregation finally confront God, Jesse realizes he may not be who he says he is.

Jesse takes his place at the pulpit. Quincannon quickly takes the attention of the room, stating he thinks the preacher is “full of sh—.” He praises the “god of meat” as the real God and then gives the attention of a now confused audience over to Jesse.

Confused himself by the speech, Jesse quickly moves on, putting the angel hand on the God phone to place the call. After a long moment of silence, the room goes dark and God appears on a large video projection. At Jesse’s insistence, God takes questions from the audience. Jesse senses something amiss and calls God an impostor. The angel pretending to be God finally admits that God is missing. Off-screen angels grab the impostor and end the transmission. Silence descends. People sob. Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy leave.

preacher-episode-109-jesse-cooper-2-935Preacher AMC

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