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Preacher (AMC) Season 2 Finale Recap - "The End of the Road"

Season 2 Episode 13

"The End of the Road"

Jesse questions the path ahead; Tulip uncovers a dangerous secret; Cassidy struggles with a difficult truth.

In 1994, a teenage Jesse greets a woman at the entrance to Angelville, where he works as a parking attendant. The woman asks for help tracking down her missing cat. Jesse assures her that Madame L’Angelle, a “world-renowned spiritist,” can help.

Jesse greets many more Angelville tourists and pickpockets their wallets. An undercover cop tries to trick his way inside Angelville, but Jesse doesn’t fall for it.

T.C. and Jody, Madame L’Angelle’s men, drive up to Jesse and give him his lunch. Jesse gives Jody a stash of cash. When pressed, Jesse forks over a wallet he’d been holding back. Jody crushes Jesse’s hand and drives off. Jesse finds a chicken pecking at his lunch and stomps it dead.

Jesse sprints down the road to a manor.

Jesse enters the office of Madame L'Angelle, his grandmother, and asks her to revive the chicken. “Everything has a price,” she says.

In the present, Jesse reads note cards for his first Messiah speech. He refuses to wear a cape that Starr has brought for him.

A nun silences a classroom of young children — Jesse’s first audience. Starr begins filming as Jesse reads his speech.

A band of armed Armenians storm the classroom. Jesse defeats them in hand-to-hand combat.

“Preacher! Preacher!” the children cheer as officers lead the Armenians away.

In the hallway, Starr informs Jesse that the video is already trending and that Jesse has been booked on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show. Starr explains that he staged the attack to get Jesse’s name out quickly. “I didn’t sign up for this sh—,” Jesse says.

The Grail spy camera lies on the ground at Denis’s apartment.

Featherstone and Hoover pack up the surveillance room. Featherstone marvels that they get to be Starr’s right-hand men.

Cassidy folds laundry and finds blood stains on one of Denis’s shirts.

Cassidy checks Denis’s laptop to see what his son has been watching. He finds a smut site for vampires and becomes mesmerized. He shuts the laptop.

Cassidy finds a pair of Tulip’s lingerie in the laundry pile. Screams from the vampire website echo in his head.

Tulip buys multiple bottles of sun block at the convenience store. She notices a woman shoplifting items.

At the cash register, Tulip sees a news report about Jesse: “Fighting preacher saves the day.” The cashier smirks at Tulip for buying so much sun block. Tulip slams his face against the partition, steals cash from the register and gives it to the shoplifting woman. The shoplifter runs away from Tulip.

Cassidy smokes crack in his room. Tulip walks in and talks excitedly about Bimini. They kiss. He bites her neck. Then, Cassidy snaps out of his fantasy. In reality, Tulip finds Cassidy smoking crack, shrugs and goes to pack.

Eugene and Hitler escape through a hatch. Moments later, someone follows them out of the hatch.

Eugene and Hitler arrive at the River Styx. Hitler instructs Eugene to give his name to the ferryman and explain that he doesn’t belong in Hell. Hitler and Eugene say goodbye and Hitler heads back to the prison.

Eugene tells the ferryman that he doesn’t belong in Hell. The ferryman blows a horn. A boat arrives. Superintendent Mannering suddenly appears and shoots the ferryman with an arrow. Hitler knocks her unconscious. Eugene urges Hitler to join him in the boat.

En route to the airport, Starr asks Jesse why he didn’t use Genesis against the Armenians. Jesse says he didn’t need to. “You will,” says Starr. Jesse checks his phone: no messages.

Tulip packs her bag and checks her phone: no messages. She finds the spy camera on the ground.

Tulip tells Cassidy that the Grail has been spying on them. Cassidy wonders if they should tell Jesse, but Tulip doubts it would make any difference.

Cassidy agrees to give his dog Banjo back to Denis if he promises to be a “good lad.” Denis nods, then finds Tulip’s lingerie on the bed. “Can you be a good lad?” Denis jokes. “I don’t think I can,” says Cassidy. “Not with you around.” He pushes Denis onto the sunny terrace, burning Denis to death.

Eugene and Hitler ride a van out of Hell. The van drops them off on a sidewalk. Hitler bolts. “Sh—,” Eugene says, realizing what he’s just unleashed on the world.

Cassidy joins Tulip in the car. Tulip tells Cassidy she has to say good-bye to someone. Cassidy sets Banjo free while Tulip goes inside.

Tulip finds the door to Featherstone’s apartment ajar and enters. She notices a manual, “Soul Happy Go Go How-To Extraction Manual.” She finds a screwdriver stuck to the manual.

“Jenny” greets Tulip and informs her that she’s moving. Tulip hides the screwdriver behind her back. Featherstone hides a gun behind her back. Hoover comes out of the shower, blowing their cover. Tulip whips out the screwdriver. Featherstone whips out her gun and shoots.

Reporters bombard Jesse with questions as he boards a plane. A baggage handler kneels to Jesse.

On the plane, Jesse gets a call from Cassidy.

Jesse runs out of the plane and gets into a waiting car. Starr tells him to check on his friends and then come back for his soul, revealing a vial containing Jesse’s soul. On the phone, Starr instructs Featherstone to cancel the ambulance.

Jesse runs into Denis’s apartment and finds Cassidy kneeling over Tulip, who is bleeding from a gunshot wound. “Breathe,” Jesse commands, but Genesis doesn’t work. Cassidy leans in to bite Tulip but Jesse kicks him away. They brawl. Cassidy urges Jesse to let him bite her or else she will die. “Then let her die,” Jesse says.

Jesse and Cassidy drive down a road with Tulip’s dead body in the back seat. Cassidy tells Jesse that he has hated him for a long time.

Jesse drives to Angelville. The revived chicken from 1994 runs across the road.

Meanwhile, the Man Dog costume hangs in a motel room. God emerges from the bathroom and fills the room with a blinding light.

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