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Preacher (AMC) Full Recap & Talked About Scene - "Mumbai Sky Tower"

Season 2 Episode 2

"Mumbai Sky Tower"

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy track down a lead from Heaven to find out more about who The Cowboy is and why he's trying to kill them.

The Saint of Killers fires his gun at Jesse and hits a truck, killing the driver. The truck spins out of control and crashes into the Saint.

A mob of gun-toting motel guests, who are in town for a gun convention, run outside to investigate the commotion. The Saint emerges from the wreckage and Jesse commands the mob to stop the Saint. They open fire on the Saint, who is impervious to their bullets. The Saint then guns down the mob.

Tulip watches TV coverage of the Annville explosion in her motel room. She shows Jesse the TV report before they flee with Cassidy and escape through a hallway window.

The Saint watches Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy peel away in Tulip’s Chevelle.

At a gas station, Tulip reels from the news about Annville. Jesse wonders how they’re going to find God with the Saint in pursuit. Cassidy recalls the Amazing Ganesh commercial and tells Jesse that he knows someone who might be able to help.

Flash back to a couple of days ago: Fiore, one of the angels who came to Annville looking for Genesis, takes a shuttle to the Mumbai Sky Tower casino and resort. In his hotel room, he mourns the demise of his partner DeBlanc and tries to hang himself. He reinvigorates and emerges from the bathroom. He repeatedly commits suicide, only to reinvigorate each time.

Fiore attends a variety show at the resort. Frank, the performer, gives his microphone to Fiore in the audience. Fiore puts the mic in his ice bucket and electrocutes himself. A reinvigorated Fiore walks onto the stage. The audience claps.

Fiore and Frank create “The Amazing Ganesh,” a show in which Frank kills Fiore on stage — and, moments later, Fiore returns to the stage alive. The audience goes wild every time.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy arrive at the Mumbai Sky Tower and watch a stage crew remove Fiore’s bloody body after a show.

Jesse and Cassidy meet with Fiore in his dressing room. Fiore explains that he hired the Saint of Killers to destroy Genesis and has the power to call off the Saint, who Jesse realizes has been tracking him whenever he uses Genesis. Jesse tells Fiore that God is missing and that they might never find him if Genesis is destroyed. Fiore refuses to help.

Cassidy tells Jesse he can change Fiore’s mind in the next two hours and 45 minutes.

Jesse joins Tulip in the lounge as she mourns for her Uncle Walter. She proposes they get a room.

Jesse and Tulip lie in bed after making love. He suggests they get married at the wedding chapel in the lobby.

Fiore returns to his room and finds Cassidy waiting for him.

Tulip slaps Jesse and tells him she hates marriage, but eventually embraces the idea.

Cassidy offers to lift Fiore’s spirits by treating him to a smorgasbord of drugs. He injects heroin into Fiore’s neck, but the dose kills Fiore. He reinvigorates in the bathroom.

Cassidy and Fiore have a drug-fueled romp around Fiore’s hotel room, tossing beach balls, playing frisbee, soaking in the hot tub. As they eat ice cream, Fiore looks adoringly at Cassidy.

Jesse and Tulip go to the wedding chapel. A woman gives them a beeper to alert them when it’s their turn. Tulip notices a man staring at her. She abruptly leaves Jesse, saying that she needs to go change her shirt.

Tulip tries to track the man down but is unable to find him. She goes to her room and tells herself that everything will be alright. The man, Gary, knocks on her door.

At the bar, a fellow patron raves to Jesse about music as salvation. “He came for the jazz,” Jesse says in a moment of clarity, repeating Tammy’s final words.

Cassidy informs Jesse that he convinced Fiore to call off the Saint. Jesse tells Cassidy that they can keep looking for God after he and Tulip get married.

Gary enters Tulip’s room and notes that she’s a long way from Louisiana. He says that Viktor has been looking for her and starts to call Viktor. Tulip knocks the phone out of Gary’s hand. A fight ensues and she bashes his face in. Cassidy walks in on the grisly scene. Tulip orders him not to tell Jesse.

Jesse and Fiore wait for Tulip in the wedding chapel. Jesse asks if he can use Genesis after Fiore calls off the Saint. Fiore reminds Jesse that Genesis is not a toy and, to Jesse’s surprise, reveals that Eugene is still in Hell.

Tulip finally shows up at the chapel but tells Jesse that she changed her mind about marriage. She insists that marriage isn’t important as long as they love each other.

Cassidy and Fiore hug goodbye outside the casino. Jesse tells Fiore that they are heading to New Orleans, based on the fact that God loves jazz. “Find peace,” he commands Fiore, using Genesis to summon the Saint.

Fiore sadly returns to his hotel room, which is still a mess from his party with Cassidy.

The Saint comes to Fiore in his dressing room. Fiore asserts that Jesse can’t be trusted with Genesis and orders the Saint to keep hunting Jesse. He asks the Saint for one final job.

Fiore walks on stage for an Amazing Ganesh performance. The Saint shoots Fiore from the audience, killing him once and for all. The crowd boos when Fiore doesn’t reappear.

The Saint keeps walking down the highway.

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