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Preacher (AMC) Full Recap - "Damsels"

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy get a tip that God might be in New Orleans. Tulip's hiding a secret and their stop in New Orleans risks exposing her.

In a flashback, Eugene comforts Tracy Loach in her bedroom after she discovers that her boyfriend cheated on her. She gets out a rifle to shoot herself, but Eugene talks her out of it. He tries to kiss her, but she recoils and decides to kill herself after all. She pulls the trigger as Eugene jumps to intervene. She shoots off the top of her head but is still breathing. When Tracy’s mother begins knocking at the door, Eugene panics and shoots himself with the rifle. The scene repeats itself over and over: This is Eugene’s hell.

In Hell, Eugene stands in a locked cell, forced to watch the scene on a loop. The image flickers and goes dark. A woman named Ms. Mannering walks in, tells Eugene to stay put and leaves.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy drive to New Orleans. Jesse listens to God’s favorite jazz song, “A Walk to the Peak,” to figure out God’s thinking. Tulip tries to persuade Jesse to pick a different destination but Jesse insists on New Orleans.

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy enter a jazz club on Bourbon Street and inform the bartender that they’re looking for God.

A man leads them to the basement and takes them to a woman sitting next to a man dressed as a dalmatian, ready to perform a kinky sex act.

Jesse’s group returns to the street. Tulip spots a black SUV and suddenly claims that she’s not feeling well. Jesse demands to know what’s going on, but Tulip tells him she’s going to take a rest. Cassidy accompanies her to take her to his friend Denis’s house, where they are staying.

Jesse tells a bartender that he’s looking for God, prompting snickers from a couple at the bar. Jesse hurls a drink at them.

Cassidy notes that Tulip is anxious and asks if it has anything to do with the dead body from her hotel room. To Tulip’s dismay, an old acquaintance, Mrs. Barbaret, recognizes her in the street.

Cassidy rings Denis’s doorbell. Denis opens the door and talks to Cassidy in French. Cassidy tells Denis he doesn’t understand French but asks if they can stay at his place. Denis leads them inside.

Jesse takes a cigarette break in the street.

Cassidy thanks Denis for letting them stay and gives him some peanut M&Ms. Denis gives him the silent treatment.

Tulip complains to Cassidy about coming to New Orleans and worries that Mrs. Barbaret is going to tell Viktor that she’s in town. When Cassidy prods, Tulip explains that Viktor is a man that she screwed over. Cassidy suggests she tell Jesse about her predicament but she insists it would only make matters worse.

Jesse visits one bar after another in search of God.

A bartender wakes Jesse and tells him the bar is closed. When Jesse tells the bartender that he’s looking for God, he suggests Jesse speak to the singer at Le Chamonix.

Jesse watches Lara Featherstone perform at Le Chamonix. She orders a drink at the bar and rebuffs a man’s advances. Jesse approaches her and explains that he’s looking for God. She tells him to meet her outside.

Outside, Jesse sees Lara ride off in a cab, which collides with a white van around the corner. Men in white suits drag Lara into the van. Jesse commands the van to stop then beats up the men. He helps Lara out of the van.

Lara takes Jesse to her home and begins packing. She explains that a bar customer once told her that God was missing and that people in white suits were after the customer. The customer’s body then washed up in the swamp. She asks how Jesse got the men in the van to stop. Jesse explains that he can make people do anything he says. Lara sidles up to him and tells him to make her stop kissing him. “Stop,” he says. She follows his command.

Tulip sits in Denis’s living room while Cassidy and Denis sleep.

Jesse sends Lara off in a taxi then fixates on a poster for a magic show at a place called Angelville. Tulip calls him and tells him they’re at Denis’s place. Jesse demands to know her real reason for calling. When she stalls, he loses patience and hangs up.

Tulip leaves Denis’s house to get some cigarettes.

Back in Hell, Eugene finds his cell door unlocked and enters the hallway. A man steps out of a nearby cell: It’s Adolph Hitler.

Jesse listens to jazz in a club and requests, “A Walk to the Peak.”

Lara gets into a white van and removes her wig. She tells the driver that Jesse’s power is real and orders him to send Jesse’s case up to the Samson Unit.

Someone places a stack of files on the desk of Herr K. Starr, the Commander in Chief of the Samson Unit. One of the files is labeled, “Jesse Custer.”

At the club, Jesse tells a fellow patron that he’s been trying to understand what “A Walk to the Peak” is about. The man urges him to feel the music. Jesse listens and nods. “It’s the end of the world,” says the man.

Tulip goes to a laundromat and puts coins in a cigarette vending machine. A man walks in and clears everyone out. Tulip turns around and finds herself cornered by Viktor’s thugs. A man calls Viktor on his phone. “We got her,” he says.

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