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Preacher (AMC) Full Recap - "On The Road"

Season 2 Episode 1

"On the Road"

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy hit the road in search of God, and quickly realize they're being stalked by a killer cowboy from Hell.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy cruise down a Texas highway in search of God. A cop tries to pull them over for speeding. Jesse encourages Tulip not to stop. She races away. The police chase them until Tulip runs out of gas.

Police haul Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy out of the Chevelle and confiscate Cassidy’s protective umbrella. Cassidy, a vampire, runs into the police car to avoid the sun. The police recognize he’s avoiding the sun and start to pull him out which causes Cassidy much pain as he starts to catch fire. Jesse uses Genesis, his special power to make anyone do his bidding with a single word, to command the police to let Cassidy go. Jesse then proceeds to make the cops perform silly acts. He’s interrupted by gunshots: It’s the Saint of Killers, making his way down the road.

A gunfight breaks out between the Saint and the police. Cassidy hides underneath a police car to shield himself from the sun. Tulip siphons gas for the Chevelle using the intestine of a cop who’s been shot dead. Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy pile into the Chevelle and escape.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy pull into a gas station. The attendant threatens to call the cops when he sees a piece of intestine hanging from the gas tank. Jesse uses Genesis to command the attendant to pretend they’re not there.

Tulip shops for cold beverages at the convenience store. Cassidy devours a cat to heal his wounds.

Jesse dislodges one of the Saint’s bullets from Tulip’s car. He drops the bullet when it turns hot.

The attendant, per Jesse’s orders, pays no attention to Tulip at the cash register. She leaves with free beverages.

Jesse decides they should keep looking for God despite the road attack. They drive off.

The Saint arrives at the gas station. “Preacher,” he growls at the attendant. The attendant denies having seen a preacher. The Saint rips out the attendant’s tongue and keeps walking.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy arrive at the home of Jesse’s friend, Mike. Cassidy and Tulip wait in the garage while Jesse goes inside. Cassidy suggests they tell Jesse that they slept together, but Tulip says Jesse would not handle the news well. They hear a noise and discover a young woman, Ashley, locked up in a cage. Mike enters the garage and tells them to ignore Ashley.

In the house, Mike, who is a preacher, explains that he helps parishioners overcome their urges by locking them in a cage. Jesse asks Mike if he has any idea where to find God, but Mike has no advice. While Mike goes to give Ashley water, Jesse explains to Tulip and Cassidy that Mike was the only family his father had. Mike returns and invites them to stay the night.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy share a bed. Cassidy apologizes for spoiling an opportunity for Jesse and Tulip to have sex.

Cassidy’s snoring wakes Jesse up. He goes outside to smoke and is joined by Mike. Jesse tells Mike about Genesis and demonstrates his power by forcing Mike to hurl his glass to the ground. Mike tells Jesse that he recently ran into a parishioner, Tammy, who told him that God stopped by her strip club. He gives Jesse her card.

Jesse’s group leaves Mike’s house the next day.

While washing dishes, Mike hears his dog barking outside. He grabs a knife, pours some whiskey and waits patiently in his chair. The Saint arrives at his house and demands to know where Jesse went. Mike kills himself with the knife to prevent the Saint from forcing him to give up Jesse’s destination.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy visit She She’s strip club. Tulip sees a crowd of patrons watching a news report on TV. A man tells her that a town blew up, but Jesse calls Tulip away before she can learn the name of the town.

Jesse and Tulip meet with Tammy in her office and tell her they’re looking for God. She reluctantly admits God came in a few months ago as a customer but reveals no other details. Jesse contemplates using Genesis to force more information out of her. Tulip thinks God came because he fancied one of the strippers. Meanwhile, in a security camera, a guard beats up Cassidy for touching one of the strippers. Cassidy and the guard struggle over a gun and accidentally shoot it. The bullet goes through the wall and hits Tammy. As she dies, Jesse commands her to reveal who God came to see at the club. “God didn’t come for the girls, you idiot,” she says. “He came for the jazz.”

At their motel, Tulip yells at Cassidy for getting Tammy shot. Cassidy apologizes.

Later in their hotel room, Tulip locks herself in her motel bathroom and coyly invites Jesse to knock the door down. He punches down the door and kisses her. They make love.

Next door, Cassidy watches a local commercial for the Amazing Ganesh. A look of recognition crosses his face.

Jesse wakes up in the middle of the night and goes outside for a smoke. He sees the Saint walking toward him. “Stop,” Jesse commands, using Genesis. The Saint keeps walking. Jesse again commands him to stop, to no avail. The Saint aims his gun at Jesse.

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