As the start of the ninth season of Doctor Who draws closer, the BBC on Tuesday released a promo image of its Timelord and his trusty companion.

Peter Capaldi's tartan-trousered time-traveler is seen clutching the hand of Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald as they bound across a planet while meteors whizz past and explode around them.

While the picture doesn't appear to be a still from the new season and might not offer direct clues to any upcoming storylines, it's sure to help build anticipation for the duo's impending return to TV screens.

Due to premiere Sept. 19 on the BBC and BBC America, season nine of Doctor Who comes tightly-wrapped in showrunner Steven Moffat's usual levels of secrecy. At the Television Critics Association last Friday, however, he did reveal some information regarding the new season's famous special guest, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, dispelling rumors that she would be playing a returning character.

"She is a brand new character. She is not someone from the Doctor's past," said Moffat. "It’s a great part and she's terrific in it. It will develop in unexpected ways. Once you see what she's up to in the show, you'll appreciate what a clever [idea that was]. It's a significant role. We're not throwing her away."

Capaldi made his Comic-Con debut earlier this year, where the development of his on-screen relationship with Clara was discussed at a lively panel session.

"I think because Clara and the Doctor feel more in a groove, they are really enjoying being the luckiest people in all of history because they get to play with this immense toy box," he said. "They throw themselves recklessly into the pursuit of adventure. Which is lovely, that’s a whole different tone. That’s daredevil."

Capaldi also revealed that in season nine his companion attempts to "help him with his social skills" to make him more of a "welcome party guest."

A new trailer released in July suggested that, along with lessons in politeness, the Doctor would also have to deal with some old adversaries.