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PERSON OF INTERETST Recap: Collier takes Finch! (CBS)

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Season 3 Episode 22

"A House Divided"

When an unknown entity prevents The Machine from seeing the full picture of an impending catastrophic event, it sends the team five separate numbers to help them piece together the bigger picture. Meanwhile, Root’s team of hackers arrives in New York...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


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Open with a flashback to 2010. Collier, whose real name is Peter Brandt, is with his brother Jesse. Jesse, a former addict, is two years sober and is enjoying partial custody of his son. Peter is in law school and wants to become a prosecutor. There is a knock on the door. It's the FBI and they are placing Jesse under arrest. Citing national security, they don't provide any information.

In present day Reese and Shaw chase a Decima agent who kills himself by jumping off a building. He was their last lead on Finch. Root tells them Finch isn't in immediate danger and the machine has a mission for them.

Greer tells Finch people need structure and Samaritan will provide that. Greer is going to hang onto Finch until Samaritan comes online.

Root grabs the satellite tracking from the dead agent. She asks Reese if she and her team can use his safe house for their servers.

Greer tells Senator Garrison to use the beta test results to convince the powers that be to get Samaritan online. Greer tells him the machine won't be for sale, instead they will sell the information back to the government. This will also provide plausible deniability.

On the recommendation of the machine Root sends Shaw to a hotel. She spots secret service.

Reese and Root get five numbers from the machine. One of social security numbers belongs to Control.

Shaw is instructed to the break into a room in the hotel that was being used by the secret service to monitor Control. Shaw sees that she's working with Garrison, who is also one of the numbers.

Garrison and Control talk about getting Samaritan approved politically. The mention a person named Rivera as being important to the process. He gives her the beta test results to look at it.

Shaw wants to kill them, Control and Garrison, but Root tells her to wait. More government vehicles arrive. It's Manuel Rivera, a senior advisor to the president, and General Holcomb, head of the NSA. They are two more of the numbers. They still don't know the fifth number.

Greer and Finch continue to chat. He wants to know why Finch "hobbled" his creation. Finch says there was no way to control its growth. He tells Greer the consequences of an "open system" like Samaritan would be devastating. Finch begs him not to put it online.

Rivera tells Control he and the president aren't interested in another surveillance program. Control responds by telling him that a year earlier Northern Lights prevented a terrorist attack near his daughter's school. She hands him a file on Vigilance, saying they're expected to strike in the next day. Rivera agrees to take a look.

Root and Reese sit across from a bearded man at a coffee shop. He pulls out an automatic weapon and opens fire but is taken down by Reese. His name is Niles Jacobs. Niles is holding a computer virus he doesn't know anything about. Reese thinks he's Vigilance.

At this moment Shaw sees Vigilance arrive at her hotel, presumably to kill Control and the others.

Back in 2010 Peter is struggling to get information on his brother. He tries to explain to an official that they have the wrong guy. He's then shown pictures of Jesse meeting with a member of an Islamic terrorist group. He's told "surveillance doesn't lie."

Root tells Shaw to speak with Control. She's in contact with Greer, which could lead them to Finch.

Shaw breaks into the hotel room and tells Control "I'm here to rescue you."

Root's team tells her the virus Niles had was built to attack the power company.

As Reese approaches the hotel to help Shaw, all of the lights turn off in that part of the city.

Back in 2010 Peter is at Jesse's funeral. Jesse ended up committing suicide. The supposed terrorist connection walks up to Peter and tells him that his brother saved his life. Jesse had been his sponsor in AA and we learn he didn't have any real connection to terrorism.

Greer tells Finch about his childhood and his interest in the military. He had been MI6. Greer wants to be alive under a "more just rule," saying he trusts the machine more than he would a human leader.

Shaw tries to take Control, Rivera and Holcomb out of the room. Holcomb ends up getting shot and both Control and Rivera are taken alive. Suddenly Hersh appears with a gun.

Root moves her team to New Jersey.

Shaw and Reese try to tell Hersh that they're there to save Control but he doesn't buy it. Root calls Shaw and tells her that Greer is the fifth number and Finch may be in danger. And she tells them Hersh knows where Finch is being kept. They tell Hersh that if he helps them find Finch they can better save Control.

Garrison arrives at Greer and Finch's location. Vigilance is right behind him. Collier is pleasantly surprised to see Finch.

Back in 2010 Peter tells a government official he's found out the truth about Jesse. He screams at her for being responsible for ruining his brother's life and eventually causing his death. She doesn't seem all that contrite. Peter walks into the hallway and gets a text from someone who says they have answers for him about what really happened to Jesse.

Root's team finally finishes her system. She then tells them they need to leave. They're next to a building which she says houses Samaritan.

Collier records himself in front of Garrison, Control, Greer, Rivera and Finch. They are in what looks like a mock court room and he tells the camera he is about to put the US Government on trial.


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On the season finale...


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