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Person Of Interest: Will Season 5 Be the Show's Last?

CBS still hasn't made a decision regarding the long-term future of favorite Person of InterestThe series was renewed in May, but the news that it was being held for midseason immediately sparked speculation among the show's fans that Season 5 would be its last. CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler told reporters Monday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that the number of episodes, which many believe will clock in around 13, has not been set, nor has the network decided if this is the end for Reese and Finch.

"We haven’t determined that yet," Tassler said. "That show's in production now and will be coming on later this season, but we haven't determined if it's the end of the series yet."

If this does end up being the show's final chapter, Tassler appeared confident that producers will know and be given the appropriate time to wrap up the story and give fans the ending they deserve. "We’re not anywhere near having to determine what the last storyline will be, but we'll talk about it when we get there."

Do you think Person of Interest should end this season?

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  1. Stephanie Parker 10 March, 2020 at 14:17 Reply

    This is probably the best show I have ever watched. From story line to commendable performances, it was a perfect cocktail with all essential ingredients required to make a good entertainment piece. The touch of reality was felt throughout the series. Unwrapping of all the suspenses and back stories was done with extreme care and perfection.
    The performances by Root, Mr. Reese, Mr. Finch, Shaw , Carter , Zoe Morgan, Elias, and Fusco are just praiseworthy. They succeed in making a connection with the audience on personal level inspite of broken and damaged nature of their roles.
    The presence of the dutch dog should have a special mention for sure. The machine turns out to be a another character of its own.

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