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person of interest reese

PERSON OF INTEREST (CBS) - The Ultimate Recap!

person of interest shaw fusco

Season 4 Episode 8

"Point of Origin"

Reese volunteers as an NYPD police academy instructor in order to keep an eye on a talented young officer whose suspicious actions make him question her motives. Meanwhile, Martine, armed with information from Samaritan, hunts a member of the team...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Watch The Full Episode![/button]


Open with Reese having been temporarily assigned as a police weapons and tactics instructor in order to watch the newest number, a young recruit named Silva who seems to push the envelope.

Reese overhears that a fellow recruit named Caine isn't a big fan of hers.

Police counselor Iris checks in with Reese. The two of them have an appointment the following day. Reese hears Silva say she has a date that night.

We see that Samaritan is still trying to recover video image of Shaw's face from the last mission. Greer tells his agent he suspects the person could be related to Finch's crew and asks her to look into it.

Shaw and Fusco sit outside Silva's date. They see her taking photos of her fellow recruits out at a bar, then get into a car with a man. We hear them refer to another recruit as the "target" and talk about her being "ready to move on this." He gives her a gun.

Finch sees that Silva is acquiring personal information about the rest of her fellow recruits. A recruit named Ortiz seems to like Silva but she is politely turning down his advances.

Shaw and Fusco watch the man and Silva leave his home. They go inside.

Greer's agent visits Katya, the former member of Tomas' team, in prison. She pretends to be Katya's new attorney and asks her who recommended her replacement on Tomas' crew. Katya doesn't talk until she holds up a picture of a Katya's daughter. Katya gives her the name Romeo.

Iris corners Reese after he missed their appointment. He forces her to walk-and-talk while he follows Silva. Fusco and Shaw found from records inside the man's house that Silva's already a cop and she's hunting for a mole inside the academy. They tell Reese it seems like she's already discovered the mole's identity. While they walk Reese notices an SUV stalking Silva. He whistles up to Silva, allowing her time to duck before being shot.

Reese puts Iris in a cab and talks to Silva. She won't tell him much, saying only that she needs to get to her handler.

Shaw and Fusco follow the man, called Meech, who shot at Silva to a community center. He texts someone about having had a problem and is told to "come back." Meech is brought back into a gymnasium to meet with a man. It's Dominic, who Shaw knows as Dominic's muscle.

We hear that Dominic is trying to increase his gang's presence, but is having trouble with Elias. Dominic orders Meech's murder and Shaw hears him referred to by name. Shaw can't go in because there at too many children.

Dominic meets with Oriz, who is helping him steal police files in exchange for help with his uncle's case. Dominic has used Ortiz' access to the computers at the academy to get into the NYPD's citywide files and gain valuable information about Elias.

Martine goes into a bar afterhours and starts flirting with Romeo, the bartender/owner. He is the leader of the gang that employed Shaw as its wheelman. After shooting him she gets him to tell her he found Shaw via the dating app Angler. She takes Romeo's phone.

Reese and Silva arrive at the home of her handler, Howard. Reese goes inside and learns that Howard's been killed by an academy training weapon, the one Silva used. Howard's files were stolen, meaning there is no proof Silva's a cop. Silva's been framed.

Silva tells Reese Howard was the only one who knew he was IA. She had a somewhat shady past herself and was plucked out of the academy one week before graduation. Fusco shows up and tells them an anonymous deposit was made to her account. She's convinced the mole is Ortiz.

Finch tracks Ortiz' records and sees that he likely stole some files from the commandant's office. Reese tells Ortiz this news, then the three of them leave to find Ortiz, who is in Spanish Harlem.

With help from Bear, Reese and Silva start looking for Ortiz. They find him just before he is to be executed by a gang that has recently joined up with the Brotherhood. Ortiz tells about Dominic forcing him to steal the files. Ortiz puts the gun down and goes with them. Just then an alarm is triggered, alerting gangsters within a ten block radius to come get them.

Finch alerts Reese to a pedestrian passageway underneath the pool. They blow a hole in the bottom and jump in.

Ortiz is placed in cuffs. Reese and Silva say their goodbyes.

Dominic orders the new gang's No. 2 to kill the gang leader who didn't take care of business with Ortiz.

Iris tells Reese "we need to talk." She thanks him being there to save her.

Finch and Reese look at the files Dominic stole. It's info on Elias that the police uncovered over years. Elias is now their new numbers.

Using Shaw's Angler profile Samaritan is able to track Shaw to her department store job selling makeup. We see that Martine is there looking around. At just that moment Samaritan cleans up the video image enough for her to recognize that Shaw is there. She pulls out a gun as the episode ends.

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person of interest reese

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