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Season 3 Episode 17


The Machine tasks Root to find a janitor who has a mysterious past. However, when her presence endangers him, the Machine sends his number to Finch as well...

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The machine gives our heroes the number for Cyrus Grant, a janitor with a haunted past, and they are shocked when they learn that the threat to Cyrus' life comes from none other than Root, who insists that the machine also wants her to protect Cyrus. Finch and Reese don't trust her, but they have little choice in the matter. The team quickly learns that Cyrus is being targeted by Decima, who plan to use his access to a restricted floor at his workplace to steal the Maxwell chip, a secret new CPU with the capability of powering Samaritan - the second machine. To make matters worse, Vigilance intercepted Decima communication exchanges and learned about their interest in Cyrus, and now both groups have deadly operatives hunting him down. Root is caught off-guard when Decima manages to sever her connection to the machine and kidnap Cyrus. With Finch's help, she has a cochlear implant put in, reconnects with the machine, and races off to help Reese and Fusco save Cyrus' life. After an intense firefight, our heroes manage to save Cyrus, but Decima escapes with the Maxwell chip. With this new growing threat on the horizon, Finch tells Root that he hopes there can be more cooperation between them in the future.



Sneak Peek at next week's episode...


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