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Season 3 Episode 20

"Death Benefit"

Reese poses as a Secret Service agent to get close to the latest POI, a U.S. congressman who may hold the key to derailing Decima’s plans to bring a second Machine online...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site [/button]




We open with information about Northern Lights making its way to the public. Shaw and Reese talk about how their situation may be different without it online and who might be handing "relevant numbers." Root shows up to bring Shaw to Alaska with her. Finch calls Reese to tell him they're needed in Washington.

In D.C. Finch tells Reese they can't underestimate the threat of Decima. When they get Samaritan up and running Finch and Reese will be killed. The next number is six-term Illinois Congressman Roger McCourt. He's in charge of the Rules Committee, which controls the flow of legislation. Finch doesn't think Vigilance is behind the threat.

Without any other way to get close McCourt, Reese suggests the secret service. He takes several shots at McCourt in order to draw some concern for his safety. Reese then takes out a secret service agent named Abbott and assumes his identity.

Reese observes McCourt interact with a union leader named Dunphy who initially seems angry. But McCourt quickly talks him off the ledge.

We see Greer meet with Garrison. Greer tells him Vigilance is responsible for the leak and gives him Collier's name. He then tells him what Decima is working on, a program that can find "anyone, anywhere, anytime." He tells Garrison they will be able to take care of any dissenting voices among his friends in congress.

Reese chats with a member of McCourt's police detail named Durant. He seems to check out. Reese then spots a suspicious vehicle out side the restaurant where McCourt is working and gives the plate to Finch.

Shaw and Root are in Miami after taking care of a militia group in Anchorage. Root says she has preparation to take care of and leaves for St. Louis.

Reese finds out that McCourt is sleeping with his aide Leslie. But Finch tells him McCourt has an open marriage. Finch has traced the plate from earlier to Decima and thinks McCourt is considered a threat to Samaritan. Durant is given a text telling him that Reese is a fraud. This leads to a shootout with Decima and Reese leaving the scene with McCourt.

Reese and Finch take McCourt to a secure location. Finch tries to convince McCourt they are there to help him and asks him if he knows Decima. McCourt doesn't and doesn't seem to buy his life is in danger. Decima arrives at the location and Finch finds McCourt is wearing a tracker someone gave him at a recent fundraiser. Shaw arrives in the nick of time to bail them out of trouble.

With Shaw behind the wheel they spot a roadblock. Reese pulls the Decima agent from the trunk and they walk to a nearby home that happens to be empty.

McCourt continues to say he doesn't know Decima and doesn't know why anyone would want to kill him. Finch hacks the Decima agent's phone and sees that his orders were to protect McCourt.

Finch searches McCourt's financial records and sees that he's made quite a bit of money recently. McCourt admits that he has an arrangement with Decima to get their program passed.

Reese realizes that the only people who were a threat to McCourt were them. The Machine is telling them to kill McCourt.

Finch tells McCourt he needs to call off his relationship with Decima. He says the ramifications could be catastrophic, but McCourt thinks people want to be protected, "they just don't want to know how." Finch then asks how much money it will take. McCourt refuses to call off the deal.

Finch returns to Reese and says he never intended the machine to be used for killing. Reese and Shaw think they should trust the machine if it thinks killing McCourt will save lives. Finch says if the machine is now asking them to commit murder, "That's a place I can't go." Reese walks into McCourt's room.

We see a FBI agents storm the house with tear gas. We then see Shaw, Reese and Finch fleeing through the woods. Shaw is shot during the exchange. We see Reese and Finch rush her away from the scene.

Garrison tells Greer he doesn't think he can get Samaritan through Congress. Greer wonders if a 24-hour test run might help convince them. Garrison's phone rings. It's a very much alive McCourt, telling him if he can handle the Senate he'll be able to ensure quiet passage through the House.

We see Reese walking a limping Shaw along the street, with Finch following. They turn around and see that he's gone.

Greer begins a beta test of Samaritan. The machine comes to life and Greer asks it to find Harold Finch.


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