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"Penny Dreadful" Star In 300:Rise of an Empire

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Eva Green, who will play Vanessa Ives in the upcoming SHOWTIME series Penny Dreadful, stars as Artemesia in 300: Rise of an Empire. Artemisia was an ally of Xerxes and the only female commander.

A woman commanding armies in a man's world, this skilled and ruthless warrior—the real power behind Xerxes' throne—knows that the rules have never applied to her. And never will. Meeting Themistokles head-on with the Persian armada, Artemisia will set the sea on fire, assaulting Greece not only for power and glory but for vengeance, the roots of which are known only to herself…and for which she is willing to sacrifice thousands and alter the fate of nations.

Bringing the volatile, vindictive and unapologetically ambitious warrior Artemisia to life is Eva Green, who says, "I love playing evil characters, but ones who are complex, and have a reason to behave in such a way… It's always more interesting."



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