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Episode 107


Episode 107

Season 1 Episode 7


Over the course of four harrowing weeks, Sir Malcolm, Ethan, Dr. Frankenstein and Sembene do everything they can to save Vanessa from what's within her...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

Episode 107


We open with Malcolm asking Vanessa about the "unnatural" thing which happened to her. She begins speaking to him as if she were Mina. She asks about Malcolm's affairs and his sexual adventures with Peter. Items begins swirling around the room and furniture is knocked over. It continues until Sembene comes in and knocks her unconscious.

Victor is brought to see Vanessa. He examines her and she says she doesn't remember what happened earlier when the room was destroyed. Vanessa somehow is able to repeat past conversations Victor has had.

Victor tells Malcolm that Vanessa is having a psycho-sexual reaction. He thinks feelings of guilt have caused a psychological break. While he speaks the room begins to be filled with thousands of spiders. Vanessa screams from upstairs.

Malcolm calls Ethan to assist him with Vanessa. He's brought to her room where she is on the floor, growling. Ethan asks if he can help her and she says she's trying to fight the "thing inside me." She then asks about Ethan's sexual encounter with Gray. Vanessa begins speaking in Arabic, saying "Let me die."

Downstairs Malcolm tells Ethan that Vanessa has been possessed by "the devil" or "a devil." Ethan suggests a priest but the idea is dismissed. Malcolm wants them to help keep her alive while she fights the possession. Malcolm tells Ethan.

We're shown snapshots of a full week of possession.

Vanessa temporarily "wakes up" from the possession and asks Ethan for some water. She talks about what it's been like for her. She remembers some things and thanks Ethan for being kind to her. She asks him not to let her hurt anybody. Vanessa asks him to end her pain "when the time comes." His eyes blacken and he begins talking to her as the devil. He tells her "I want you to be the mother of evil." He wants her to help him "topple God." They embrace.

Malcolm and Ethan argue over the former planning another trip to Africa. He says he's going back to get Peter's body.

Malcolm sees that Victor is nursing a morphine addiction.

Victor suggests to Ethan that they may have to "let her go." Ethan tells him he's not sure why Malcolm wants to keep Vanessa alive. He tells Victor about native children being taken from their tribes, the result of which is their not belonging in either world and being forced to "roam." He says Vanessa is like them. With The Creature still waiting for him outside, Victor asks Ethan to teach him how to shoot.

More time passes. Vanessa must be restrained to keep from hurting herself.

Ethan and Sembene share some of their personal history. Ethan's theory is that Malcolm saved Sembene's life and he now owes him. Sembene thinks Ethan should call a priest.

Up in her room Malcolm attempts to speak directly to Vanessa. He asks her to find Mina. Vanessa suggests that this is what Malcolm wanted all along. Ethan comes into the room and puts a stop to the proceedings. In the hallway Ethan tells Malcolm they must get Vanessa a priest. They are finally able to convince him. Ethan promises that if Vanessa was right about Malcolm's intentions with Vanessa, "I'll rip your throat out."

Victor gives Malcolm a cocaine derivative to help him stay awake. Malcolm tells him more of the particulars of Peter's death, finishing with "I haven't a shred of decency left."

Ethan brings a priest named Father Matthews. Matthews says the ritual of exorcism is forbidden without permission from Rome. He promises only to give her Last Rights.

Matthews is brought to see Vanessa and is shocked by what he encounters. He begins the ritual, but after a few moments Vanessa is able to free herself and bit a huge chunk out of Matthews' face. Ethan and Vanessa end up alone in the room. Speaking in Vanessa's voice she begs Ethan to kill her. He places his gun to her chest, but instead of pulling the trigger he places Brona's necklace on her forehead and begins chanting in Latin. It works and we hear the demon leave Vanessa's body. Without saying a word Ethan grabs his coat and leaves.

The next day Vanessa goes downstairs to see Malcolm. "I know where Mina is," she says.

Episode 107

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Episode 107

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Episode 107

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