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Episode 106

PENNY DREADFUL Recap: Vanessa floats in the air! (SHO)

Episode 106

Season 1 Episode 6

"What Death Can Join Together"

Vanessa's latest vision leads Sir Malcolm, Ethan and Sembene on a search. Professor Van Helsing reveals more details to Dr. Frankenstein about who has taken Mina. A night with Dorian unlocks something dark within Vanessa...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

Behind the episode...

Episode 106


Open with Malcolm and Vanessa in her room discussing what happened with Fenton and that he saw its master. He asks if she sensed anything and is upset she's not doing enough to get back Mina.

Ethan returns home from his night with Gray to find Brona lying in bed, coughing blood into her pillow. He lies down next to her and she apologizes for her behavior at the theater. He tells her he loves her.

Vanessa tries to get some information using her cards. She hears a voice that sounds like Mina whisper "Help me." She then hears the screams of dozens of men. Vanessa walks to Malcolm's room and tells him the cards suggested a ship and something terrible happening. Gray stops by to apologize for leaving the theater and asks her if she'd like to have an adventure with him.

We see Victor examining Fenton's body.

The lead actress stops the theater's basement to have The Creature fix the blood tube she uses on stage. She is kind to him and tells him a story about her brother, who was in an accident and became shy as a result.

Victor tells Malcolm Fenton's autopsy didn't reveal anything unusual. They assume his ability to signal his master was similar to how bats communicate. After Victor leaves Sembene asks Malcolm if he's prepared for the possibility Mina is beyond help.

Gray arranged for Vanessa to be photographed. Gray talks about his preference for paintings over photography and references eternity.

The Creature leaves a book for the actress at her home. She knows it is from him and she smiles. He watches through a window as her significant other returns home and they kiss. We see The Creature weep.

Gray walks Vanessa home. They agree to have dinner that night.

Victor watches a ballet company practice, seemingly looking for potential brides for The Creature. Van Helsing arrives and the two go to dinner. Van Helsing advises him not to be controlled by his work. Victor talks about fate and retribution. Van Helsing wants to know Victor's story. He responds with, "One day."

Before leaving for dinner Vanessa stops to show Malcolm her dress. He's complimentary, but as soon as she leaves we see Malcolm and Sembene head out the door.

Ethan gets his gun and heads out for work. Brona advises him to keep a safe distance from her and he promptly gives her a kiss. She gives him her necklace, dedicated to the patron saint of lost causes, to wear.

Malcolm and Sembene meet with Ethan. Malcolm tells him they're going to "explore a plague ship."

Van Helsing tells Victor that Malcolm doesn't fully know what Malcolm is looking for. He say what he is about to tell him can never be told to Malcolm. Van Helsing says he killed his wife by driving a stake through her heart and cutting off her head.

Ethan tells Malcolm he's concerned for Brona. Malcolm offers to pay for a private institution but Ethan declines. They walk towards a ship that is in quarantine. He suspects "chicanery."

Gray tells Vanessa some of his life story, including religion and personal philosophies. They begin to talk about being unique and the desire not to be alone.

Van Helsing asks Victor if he's heard of vampires. He has not. He gives him a book on the subject which is essentially correct. Van Helsing talks about a creature that feeds on the living and its impact on those on which it feeds.

Vanessa looks at Gray's collection of portraits. She talks about there being "things within us all that can never be unleashed." He kisses her neck.

Van Helsing tells Victor vampires move in a pack like wolves and never stay in the same location for very long.

Malcolm, Ethan and Sembene board the dark ship. They encounter unconscious women with sharp nails. None of them is Mina. We see that the vampire is in the ship's hull beneath them. His eyes are also closed.

Van Helsing tells Victor he told him this information because he wants him to have a long life. He thinks Victor is capable of great things. At this moment The Creature arrives, grabs Van Helsing, pulls him down an alley and snaps his neck. The Creature tells Victor this will continue until he makes him a bride.

Vanessa and Gray head upstairs to his bedroom.

Malcolm does not find Mina among the women on the ship. We see the vampire's eyes open, and this snaps the women to life. They begin attacking the three men, who ultimately kill all of them. One of their lamps is knocked over during the battle.

Vanessa and Gray make love. It includes scratches and her cutting his chest and licking his blood.

The vampire comes to the top level of the ship and looks at Malcolm from across what has become a huge fire. He shows him that he has Mina. Malcolm is unable to reach them.

While in the throes of passion Vanessa hears a dark voice. It says: "Hello, my child. I've been waiting. What games we will have now." She immediately gathers her things and leaves.

Ethan lectures Malcolm on having more faith in the people he trusts, making a point to mention Vanessa.

We see Gray visit his secret painting. As he looks at it the wounds on his body are instantly healed.

Vanessa arrives home. Malcolm is waiting for her and is begins to open up to her about what is going on. She doesn't look herself and proceeds to throw her head back in the air and begins hovering off of the ground.

Episode 106

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Episode 106

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Episode 106

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Episode 106

Episode 106 Episode 106

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