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PENNY DREADFUL Recap: Monkey? No, no monkey! (SHO)


Season 1 Episode 8

"Grand Guignol"

After a vision of the Grand Guignol, Vanessa, Sir Malcolm, Ethan, Dr. Frankenstein and Sembene explore an empty theater - only to be confronted by their worst nightmares. Season finale...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



The episode opens with Vanessa telling Malcolm about the images she saw from the theater and says she thinks Mina is trying to be found. He promises that if he cannot save his daughter he will end her suffering. After Malcolm leaves Gray arrives to see Vanessa. He says he's happy to see she's recovered and asks her to read his future. She refuses saying that he has no future.He argues playfully that everyone does. She quickly retorts that he does not and also turns down his lunch invite. He says he will be waiting for her anyways.

We see Ethan praying at Brona's bedside. She is not doing well. He leaves home and two men follow him.

Malcolm purchases a gun with an "automatic firing mechanism" capable of taking down an elephant. While at the store he runs into an old acquaintance named Evelyn a.k.a Madame Kali.

During rehearsal The Creature has an issue with the harness that lifts Maud's boyfriend Simon. The actor is furious and has nasty things to say about him before leaving commanding her to come. Later Maud comes to see him and she thanks him for the book. The Creature calls Maud on Simon's cruel behavior to her. They discuss literature and she kisses him on the cheek before departing.

Vanessa asks Malcolm why he didn't bring him to the ship and why he put the picture of Peter and Mina away. He confesses that the picture breaks his heart and he would sacrifice her life to save Mina's. Vanessa tells him to put the picture back, " you should have your heart broken."

The Creature puts on some makeup before going to see Maud to share an orange. She tells him to leave but he loses control, eventually putting her against the wall with his hand. Vincent has no choice but to fire The Creature. He hugs The Creature and sends him on his way. The camera pans up and we see the vampire sleeping in the uppermost rafters.

Vanessa meets Gray at the garden where they'd met previously. He shows her the flower they'd admired is dying. Vanessa tells him she's not the woman he thinks she is and says her feelings for him release something "unhealthy." She tells him they cannot be together and departs.

The Creature goes to see Victor, who is furious both with the murder of Van Helsing and the fact he's forcing him to create a mate. With The Creature facing the other direction, Victor pulls out a gun and points it at him. The Creature talks about his soul and the pain he is feeling, then asks Victor to pull the trigger: "It would be a blessing." Victor puts down the gun and reaches for The Creature. At this moment Ethan arrives and ask Victor for help.

Ethan brings Victor to Brona's bedside. Brona is concerned for what will happen to her soul since she hasn't been good and that she is frightened. Victor tells Ethan she is near death and asks him for some water. While he's gone Victor tells her about an option beyond death and if she believes such a thing exsists. She says yes and Victor smothers her. Ethan returns and Victor tells him that she has passed and it was thing of grace. Victor then says, "Don't worry, I'll take care of the body."

The two men who were following Ethan approach him at a bar. They're there on behalf on his father to bring him back home. Ethan hits them each a few times and leaves.

Malcolm, Vanessa, Ethan, Victor and Sembene arrive at the theater late that night. Just as Malcolm spots the vampire, Ethan is pulled below through a trap door on the stage and is attacked by the Vampire's minions. Ethan, Victor and Sembene fight the women below while Malcolm and Vanessa encounter the vampire. Just as Ethan and Sembene are overtaken by the minions Malcolm is able to stake the vampire. It causes the women to collapse unresponsively. Mina walks out and it looks as if the family will be reunited. Suddenly Mina's eyes darken and she grabs Vanessa from behind. She says she is working on behalf of "the master" and Vanessa will be his bride. Malcolm shoots her. While lying on her back Mina says "I'm your daughter." Malcolm says "I have a daughter" and kills her.

We see Malcolm and Vanessa back at his place. He has replaced the picture and is packing away his gear for his Africa expedition. He weeps and she comforts him in a loving embrace.

Victor shows Brona's body to The Creature. He watches closely as Victor begins the process of reanimation on Brona.

The two men again find Ethan in a bar. They confront him, saying that he is coming with them. He turns into a werewolf and rips them apart. We then see that there is a full moon outside.

Vanessa goes to a church and asks to speak with the priest. He asks her what she fears. She says she believes in demons and monsters. She wants to know what to do when science fails. He says he assisted on an exorcism, but says everybody died and nobody found God. He says that if she's actually been touched by the demon it's like being touched by the backhand of God and would make her unique in a way, almost sacred. He asks Vanessa, "Do you really want to be normal?" She contemplates this for a moment but the scene ends just before she responds.


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