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peaky blinders

‘Peaky Blinders’ Surprise: Creator Steven Knight Announces Plans for Three New Seasons and Ballet Spinoff

Steven Knight’s BBC Two gangster drama series “Peaky Blinders” has become something of a cult classic thanks to the show’s Netflix deal that makes new seasons available to watch in the U.S. exclusively on the streaming platform. While the show is confirmed to return for Season 5 in 2019, the future of it has been somewhat unclear until now. Deadline reports that not only is Knight planning Season 6 and Season 7 of “Peaky Blinders,” but he’s also been approached about creating a “Peaky Blinders” ballet in London.

According to Knight, the Rampart dance company, Britain’s oldest ballet organization, is interested in making a “Peaky Blinders” gangster ballet. Knight admitted he “didn’t know where they would do it,” but he gave Rampart his full blessing to create an unexpected “Peaky Blinders” spinoff. A ballet version of a gangster TV show may sound surprising, but it makes sense given the popularity of the show in the UK. >>> See full article at Indiewire Television

- Zack Sharf



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