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Amber gets big news, Adam and Kristina rush to open their school, and Zeek's birthday trip to Las Vegas goes awry. Betsy Brandt and Ray Romano...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Amber's at Dr. Meadow's office having her very first ultrasound - it's incredibly emotional, joyous and terrifying. She admits that neither the baby's father nor her own mother knows about the pregnancy... and maybe, just maybe, she doesn't want to keep the baby. Meanwhile, little Aida is taking her very first steps, and Julia is taking first steps of her own, having rekindled a romance with her college ex and co-worker, Chris. Sarah and Hank are now living together, and Hank is nervous. Ruby and her mother are moving back to town, and he's setting up his spare bedroom so he can spend more time with his daughter. Sarah's not thrilled to hear that neither Ruby nor her mother Sandy knows the status of Hank and Sarah's relationship. It's the perfect time for Sarah to take Zeek on a surprise birthday trip to Vegas! It's way too much fun until Zeek suddenly keels over at the blackjack table.

The construction of Chambers Academy is nowhere near complete, and the doors are supposed to open in two days. Unfortunately, Max has no intention to attend, having decided home schooling is better for him. It's not long before Adam is in overdrive, recruiting the family to paint, and trying to persuade Max that the new charter school is going to be great. Even Haddie helps out, lamenting her upcoming semester abroad apart from her girlfriend - which just seems like bratty whining to Amber. When Joel drops off the kids to help paint, Kristina spies her ringer - holy Joelskis! - and wastes no time persuading him to fix the plumbing, much to Julia's chagrin.

Ruby and Sandy are in mid-argument when they knock on Hank's door. Once Ruby goes to check out her bedroom, a frazzled Sandy begins to notice some positive changes in Hank, including his new cappuccino machine and a pair of leftover breakfast plates. That's when Ruby exits the bedroom, retching and holding up an errant pair of Sarah's underwear...

Dinner goes no better, as Ruby remains mostly silent and surly. Later, Sandy stops by to talk. She doesn't care that Hank and Sarah are dating, and she's at her wit's end with Ruby, who was getting in trouble in Minnesota. Now she needs Hank's help and is finally ready to share custody. Across town, Haddie stops over at Amber's, trying to figure out why her cousin's giving her the cold shoulder. Amber offers two words: "I'm pregnant." Haddie is the first person Amber has had the courage to tell. They spend the night strolling the field where they once beat the crap out of each other and baring their souls.

In Vegas, Sarah rushes a highly annoyed Zeek to the hospital, and word spreads quickly through the Braverman clan. Zeek insists he merely stood up too fast, it's no big deal. Confronted with a young-looking resident, Zeek decides to forego any further tests, just as Adam calls on behalf of Camille, demanding to talk to the doctor. Sarah insists she doesn't need Adam's help as an infuriated Zeek checks himself out of the hospital with plans to resume celebrating his birthday. Near hysterical, Adam enlists Crosby to hop a plane to Vegas. It's not long before they're beating on Sarah's hotel room door - Zeek's on the lam! Like a dog to a bone, Crosby quickly finds his father at the blackjack table, trying to enjoy his damn birthday. Adam wants to leave immediately, but Zeek is staying put. The kids have a choice: they can go back to Berkeley, or he'll stake them each $500 - but only if they shut up about his heart.

Joel stays with the kids while Julia checks on Camille, and offers to stay if she wants to go to Vegas. When she receives a text of the rest of the family having fun at the craps table, she breaks down in tears, and an emotional hug turns into a kiss, which Julia's completely unprepared for. The next morning, Chris closes the blinds in Julia's office to share some feelings: he really, really likes her and wants to make a go of it.

Adam creates a majestic bag lunch for Max's first day at Chambers Academy. Max is still dead set against attending, but Adam puts it in undeniable terms: Max WILL go to school, not for educational purposes per se, but for his mother. Kristina beams from ear to ear, welcoming the students to Chambers Academy. It's the fruit of her labor of love, and when she spies Max, it's like the cherry on top of her cake has dropped from the heavens.

Zeek returns home to find a terrified Camille waiting for him. She's made an appointment with Dr. Gordon for that afternoon and that's that. It's time to do some serious tests. That evening, Sarah stops by Amber's to pour wine and report back on the Vegas debacle. Two words from Amber stun Sarah into silence: "I'm pregnant."


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