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Osher Günsberg farewells Channel [V]


Music channel [V] today ends a 20 year run on the Foxtel platform, after two decades of music videos, Live broadcasts, concert events and highlights including its Presenter Search, The Channel V Oz Artist of the Year, Guerilla Gigs and [V] Island Parties.

Osher Günsberg, as a young Andrew G, was one of many presenters who have appeared on [V] along with Molly Meldrum, James Mathison, Jabba, James Kerley, Yumi Stynes, Chloe Maxwell, Danny Clayton, Marty Smiley, Jane Gazzo, Renee Bargh, Andrew Mercado, Billy Russell and Toni Pearen.

Osher Günsberg told TV Tonight, “It’s with sadness in my heart I see Channel [v] go, however we did put in motion what would eventually end us.

“On my first night on air, April 12th 1999, I asked my producer Tim Daley (now general manager of CMC) if I could put the chat screen on the laptop onto the broadcast.

“He said ‘Sure!’ so we plugged it in and the next time we were Live the Director put the laptop feed live to air. We brought live web chat to live TV there and then, bringing the internet and TV together.

“Once broadband speeds increased, we began to put video on more and more – and now those same speeds that we were experimenting with are bringing music fans full HD music videos whenever they want to see them.

“So there is sadness, but I am sort of happy how it ended. Our audience moved on, and that is a wonderful thing. What it means for other content providers is yet to be seen. But I am grateful that through my time there I had “, and was given permission to explore new frontiers in broadcasting with a very cheeky edge.

“We would never have existed were it not for the fans, so may I say ‘Thank you’ to every person that subscribed or showed up at a broadcast . We would have been lost without you (thanks Delta).”

From tomorrow [V] Hits will continue the [V] brand.


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