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ORPHAN BLACK Recap: Helena has a boyfriend! (BBC America)


Season 2 Episode 6

"To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings"

Sarah joins forces with an unlikely and untrustworthy ally, following a trail of clues that she hopes will lead her to the origins of the clone experiment. Cosima and Delphine make a discovery that could prove to be the key to treating her illness. Alison finds herself in unsavory company at rehab...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


The Hive Recap: To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings


Seeestra road trip!

The Hive Writers’ Notes – Chris Roberts

Dear #CloneClub,

Episode 206 was always going to be the “road trip” episode. We wanted to put Sarah and Helena together as sisters, a relationship we’d touched on but not really explored. Of course, getting Tat on-screen with herself is always a challenge, and let’s just say that the initial draft of the script was… ambitious. This was also going to be my first produced episode of television, so I was learning the ropes as I went.

Luckily, I had a room full of experienced, genius writers to help me out, and Brett, my director, generously helped me learn the art of being a writer on set. I was amazed watching Tat build a relationship between these sisters (with the brilliant Kathryn Alexandre as her double, of course). I also got to work with Patrick J. Adams (Jessie), who’s an awesome dude on and offscreen. That slow dance with Helena still makes me misty.


Helena finds love (Patrick J. Adams) on the road.

I’m very excited about the introduction of Professor Duncan, as well. Andrew was a great fit, and I think Duncan really clicked as a character once he came on board. I remember our early, first-season planning sessions, and it was great to be able to answer some of the “Big Questions.” It’s always a challenge deciding how many clues to the larger mystery we should give Sarah, and how much we should hold back, but I think after everything she’s been through, Sarah deserves some real answers. The question is, what’s she going to do with them?


Actor Andrew Gilles makes his debut as Professor Ethan Duncan.

This episode will always be very special to me, not only because it was my first TV episode, but because I became a dad during production. My wife was a week overdue, and I was so nervous at the end that I was running out of my own read-throughs to answer the phone, in case it was The Call. Finally, on the third day of production, while Helena belted out “Sugar, Sugar,” I indeed got The Call. Production rushed me to the hospital, where my wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I’m sure he’ll be a fan.


The Hive Observations, Unexpected Results, and Mind-Benders

On The Road
The opening tent scene was something John and Graeme wanted to work into this season from the very beginning of development. They wanted to use the scene to further set up Sarah and Helena as sisters, giving their relationship time to grow in an environment where they aren’t on the verge of killing someone, or being killed. A road trip between clones is hard to shoot, especially since so much happens inside cars and tents. For the opening scene, the interior and exterior of the tent were shot in different locations. We had to cut off the top of the tent and take out the side in order to fit the cameras for interior shots. Without removing the top of the tent, we would have never been able to achieve that amazing bird’s-eye shot where you see the girls lying in their yin and yang formation.

You Are My Candy Girl
“Sugar, Sugar” was chosen as the song for Helena to sing on the road trip because of its vintage and catchy nature. We had to get into the mindset of Helena and envision what music she might possibly know from her past. “Sugar, Sugar” was perfect because it felt like the kind of North American pop song that Ukrainian nuns might have let Helena listen to—a “Super Sunshine Hit,” as Helena puts it. This is the kind of clue that helps to unfold Helena’s backstory this season.


New Age, New Wardrobe
Vic’s wardrobe this season was designed to make him look like he’s trying to clean up his act. John and Debra thought it would be hilarious to have Vic dress similarly to Donnie, moving towards a more suburban look. It is pretty hilarious to see him dressed in his New Age meditation clothes and polos.


On the next episode...



Mrs. S


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