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ORPHAN BLACK Recap: Cal is Kira's father!!! (BBC America)


Season 2 Episode 3

"Mingling Its Own Nature with It"

After hitting the road with Felix, Sarah is forced to turn to a ghost from her past – an old flame named, Cal Morison. When their brief respite is brutally shattered, Sarah realizes that no matter how far she runs, it will never be far enough...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



The episode begins with Sarah, Kira and Felix sleeping in the truck they stole in the middle of a field. When they wake up, they can’t get used to the fact that Mrs. S. took the shot at the bird watchers, and killed them in cold blood. Back at the safehouse, Daniel shows up and finds the bodies of Mrs. S.’ old friends and starts snooping around. He is interrupted when Henrik shows up with Mark, and has to leave the house. Mark and Henrick start cleaning up, and Mark says he should’ve put his faith in them. Henrik says they have to work with what they were given: Helena. The two of them leave no evidence, and burn the house down before they leave. Daniel looks on at a distance and takes out a photo of Kira that she salvaged before the house was alight.
In suburbia, Alison wakes Donnie up by vacuuming, and he worries she’s upset. He tries to have sex with her, claiming “morning is my best time,” but he gets cockblocked by her vacuuming priorities.

Sarah, Felix and Kira are now in a small town, and Kira points out she knows why they got rid of Felix’s credit cards. Little kid is learning the con business! In fact, she’s part of it, as she distracts the owner of a corner store while Felix manages to steal some food. Sarah wants to find an empty cabin for them to crash at for Kira. They stumble on a place of a possible photographer. They settle Kira upstairs in a bed, and she wants to know where Mrs. S. is, and if she saved them. Sarah assures Kira that even though Mrs. S. is gone and that Sarah hasn’t always been around, that from now on she will be there to protect Kira.

At Art’s place, Angie shows up and tells him that the clone at the hospital is gone. Art tells her to let it go, and says he’ll tell the captain if she keeps pursuing it.

Meanwhile, Cosima and Delphine are at the DYAD when Delphine shows Cosima the video entry of Jennifer Fitzsimmons, a clone that died three days ago from the same respiratory disease as Cosima. She was the first to show symptoms, six months before Katja.

Back at the farm, Mark points out to Grace that they want to make Helena fertile. Grace, on the other hand, believes Mark thinks too highly of Helena. When she goes to feed Helena, she tells Helena that she is now to be part of the family. Helena is disinterested, stating that she already has a family, but when she learns Tomas is gone she says good riddance.
Back at the cabin, the owner, Cal, shows up in the middle of the night, scaring Felix and pinning him up against the wall. Sarah pulls them apart and it’s apparent that they know one another. Cal is a former “mark” that Sarah conned. Cal wants them to leave, but when Kira comes down the stairs wondering what’s happening, she asks if he’s her dad and everyone gets quiet. Cal wants to know if he’s being conned about Kira, but Sarah says she spent a month with him, and the timing is right and she’s his. He then decides not to kick them out.

Alison is back at her musical, and the director stops her mid-song, telling her to save her instrument for the audience. Ouch. When she goes to her car, Angie surprises her. She says she’s from Hillsdale Drive and locked herself out of her car, and borrows Alison’s phone to call “her husband.” She asks Alison out to coffee, but Alison gets suspicious and says no and leaves.

At the cabin, Sarah explains to Kira that she should’ve told her about her dad, but she didn’t want Kira to have no parents like she did. Aww! Felix wants to know who Cal is, and why Sarah came there. Cal explains he designed the micro optics for pollinators, and now the government is using his creation to kill people. Felix approaches Sarah, upset that she always knew who Kira’s dad was while he was in the dark. He wants to be back for Alison’s musical opening, and says there’s no place for him at the cabin.
Cosima is studying Jennifer’s video blogs, and realizes that her boyfriend was her monitor, and Cosima realizes she keeps forgetting Delphine is hers. Delphine takes her to see Jennifer’s body, and it’s creepy as hell.

Cosima and Delphine start performing an autopsy on Jennifer, and Delphine thinks the growths in her uterus were the largest, and it’s possible that it’s where the disease originated and why she’s infertile. Alison calls her and tells her about Angie, and thinks that she was another monitor and tells Cosima to not trust Delphine.

Angie comes to Alison again, and Alison tells her she knows what’s up. Angie drops her facade and tells Allison that she is a police officer who knew Beth, and that she should tell Angie what she knows, but Alison walks away.

Cal tells Sarah it took him a while to get over him, when a local cop, Tom, shows up and visits Cal. They’re old buddies and Cal talks him out of coming inside. After their conversation, Sarah decides it’s not safe there and she wants to leave, but Cal convinces her to stay.

Felix arrives at Alison’s opening night, but she’s been getting drunk backstage before the show begins. So her performance is a little…disappointing, and she falls off the stage and is possibly seriously injured.
Daniel shows up at the corner store that Sarah and Felix robbed, posing as Peter from a government agency looking for the burglars. He gets stopped by the cop, Tom, who says he should be on his way.

Meanwhile, Art shows up near the farm where the Prolethean sect is and starts photographing them from a distance. He sees Henrik and Gracie having a conversation, and Gracie doesn’t think that Helena belongs there. Henrik asks her to close her eyes, and tells her that she should hear “Him.” Henrik says Helena has a purpose, and that’s what tomorrow is all about.

At the cabin, Sarah and her family are playing card games when Kira decides to go feed the chickens. Daniel shows up at the house and takes Kira by force. Sarah runs from the house and stops Daniel from shooting Kira and Cal. She willingly goes with him to protect Kira and Cal. Tom shows up, and Daniel shoots him dead before forcing Sarah into a car and making her drive them to an unknown destination.

Henrik wakes up Helena while the rest of the sect watches, all of them dressed in white. Henrik prays for Helena to be claimed from eternal damnation. All the while Gracie doesn’t look amused, and Mark looks enthralled. Henrik carries Helena down a hallway.

On the car ride with Daniel, he calls DYAD to tell them they’ll be there in eight hours. Moments later the car that Sarah is driving is struck on the passenger’s side by a truck. The vehicle crashes out of control with the fate of Daniel and Sarah unknown.

On the next episode...




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