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ORPHAN BLACK (BBC America) - Tatiana Maslany might be the best actress in the world!

Have you ever seen an actress play an array of characters in the same show at the same time before? Tatiana Maslany takes on five or more roles per episode, with each one of them distinct from the next. She is so gifted in her craft, you will forget that it's the same actress playing them all! It is so entertaining watching the characters interact with each other, but the brilliant Tatiana takes her acting a step further. Not only does she play all of these amazing characters, but the writers have Tatiana playing the characters playing the other characters! If Tatiana Maslany isn't the best actress in the world, then would you please tell me who is and why?!!

Tatiana Maslany returns to numerous roles in season 3 of Orphan Black on April 18th.

orphan black tatiana maslany cartoon

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