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Orange Is The New Black Casts a New Corrections Officer!


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Litchfield inmates will soon have a new CO to look out for.  Actress Marsha Stephanie Blake has reportedly been cast in season three of Netflix's Orange Is the New Black. So far, all we really know about her recurring character is that she will join the ranks of Litchfield's corrections officers. Recently Blake has had small roles on shows like Girls and Elementary, and she also appeared in Django Unchained.

Info about season three is mostly being kept under wraps, but we have gotten a few tidbits. We knew that Mary Steenburgen, Blair Brown, and Mike Birbiglia will all be joining the show in some way, and that Blake's fellow CO Pornstache (Pablo Schreiber) won't be making an appearance, despite the fact that Steenburgen is probably playing his mother.

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"There will be more surprises and moments coming where you're like, 'I love Pennsatucky!' And then moments where you're like, 'I want to kill her,'" Manning said. "There's more fun stuff coming for her. I'm excited for people to see that she's just like everyone else. We're all human in a sense. Everyone can make a mistake—but some people aren't right in the head and they're disturbed—but I think she's going to be all right. I can't be sure because she's unpredictable and I love that about her." We also have no idea when season three will air, but hopefully we won't have to wait too long before we've got more prison drama to binge on!

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