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Once Upon a Time (ABC) - Cruella De Vil!

Season 4 Episode 11

"Heroes and Villains"

In the aftermath of the Snow Queen's curse; Emma looks for a portal so Elsa, Anna and Kristoff can return to Arendelle, Regina makes a difficult choice, and Gold's quest for power reaches a dramatic conclusion...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

The Ultimate Recap

Elsa is able to turn the ice wall surrounding Storybrooke into nothing more than some harmless snowflake. She and Anna still need to find a way back to Arendelle so they can deal with Hans and his brothers.

In Fairy Tale Land past, Rumplestiltskin asks Belle to clean up a magic gauntlet that he brought back from Camelot. It has the power to find anyone’s greatest weakness. In other words, it’ll usually point out what a person loves most. Later, Belle comes across a little Dalmatian while doing laundry. She’s kidnapped by an unknown figure while chasing the cute pooch. Her captor wants Rumple to turn over the gauntlet or she’ll be killed.

In Storybrooke, Henry finds a library full of blank story books. Will Regina finally get her happy ending?

Elsa and Anna return to their home in Arendelle.

In present day Storybrooke, Mr. Gold is waiting for the stars in the sky to align with the stars in the hat. He orders Hook to keep Anna away, as she knows what he’s planning. The walking broomstick leads Gold and Hook to the house that belongs to a powerful sorcerer. It has a portal. Hook later lets Emma know where it is. The words he speaks are actually being fed to him by Gold. Elsewhere, as Belle packs for the honeymoon trip to New York her husband has planned, she finds the gauntlet from Fairytale land past.

Marian springs back to life the moment Regina returns her heart to her body. Then she springs into Robin Hood’s arms. Marian knows that his heart has moved on. She will step out of the way. Regina and Robin can finally be together. As for Marian, she still has remnants of the ice spell in her system. The only way to save her is to have her cross the town line into a world without magic. Regina knows she can’t go out there alone. Robin Hood and their son need to go with her. Once they leave, they can never return.

Gold tells Regina that he’s leaving town. He learns that the reason Henry was snooping around his shop was to find a way to give her a happy ending. Gold assures her that villains can get them. After all, he’s about to get everything he desires. Moments later, Regina watches as Marian and her son cross the town line. Robin Hood gives her a goodbye kiss before he ultimately joins his family on the other side.

In Fairy Tale Land past, Rumplestiltskin brings to the gauntlet to where Belle is being held. Her captor morphs from a flock of crows. It’s Maleficent. She reveals that she’s not alone. Ursula the Sea Witch is also there. Cruella de Vil, too. Rumplestiltskin has no choice but to turn over the gauntlet to save Belle’s life.

In present day Storybrooke, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff says goodbye to Emma and the others before stepping into the portal. The news that Mr. Gold has been lying to everyone is revealed during the farewell. Emma and Mary Margaret rush to the bell tower. Gold is unleashing his plan. He tries to crush Hook’s heart, but can’t seem to do it. That’s because Belle is using the dagger to command him to stop. The magic hat is sucked back into the box. Belle commands him to take them to the town line. They need to be alone for what comes next.

Belle lets Gold know that she found the gauntlet. She realizes that he will never give up power for her. Rumplestiltskin is commanded to leave Storybrooke. He promises he can change. Belle doesn’t believe him. Rumple has no choice but to follow her command. He steps over the town line into the world beyond Storybrooke.

In Arendelle, Elsa has reclaimed her rightful place as queen. After a long delay, Anna’s wedding day finally arrives. The two sisters walk hand-in-hand to usher in a new era of happiness.

In Storybrooke, Emma puts Hook’s heart back in its proper place. A passionate kiss is shared. Later, Emma joins Regina for a drink. They are interrupted by Henry, who found a secret library in the sorcerer’s house. It’s full of storybooks with blank pages. This could be the home of the author who wrote his storybook. Emma offers to join them in Operation: Mongoose. After all, everyone deserves a happy ending.

Six weeks later, Rumplestiltskin walks with a cane down a New York City street. In Fairy Tale Land, Rumplestiltskin reveals to Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella de Vil that he still possesses the gauntlet. The trio of evil ladies asks Rumple to join forces with them. That’s not going to happen. He works alone. Back in present day New York, Gold approaches Ursula in the aquarium where she works. He wants her help in finding a certain author. He also wants to make two more stops to assemble his team of villains. They will be taking on the heroes who stand in their way.

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