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Of Course Fox Is Planning an Empire Spin-Off, and It Could Begin This Season

It is a television network's duty to take that which is loved and/or successful and throw it in our faces until we no longer have a face. NBC has made The Voice omnipresent on its schedule, CBS has 47 versions of NCIS currently airing, AMC would put out Talking Talking Dead if it could, and there's a g-damn Super Bowl red carpet! So really, is anyone at all surprised that Fox is prepping a spin-off of Empire, the current biggest network TV show in the universe and the only thing keeping Fox from begging Univision for spare change?

During this summer's recent Television Critics Association press tour, Empire co-creator Lee Daniels told the gathered press, "Without question, there will be [an Empire] spin-off." And Fox has more than 16 million reasons why it would want a spin-off of its smash hit.

But the news today is that the spin-off could get going sooner than we originally thought. Fox higher-up Dana Walden told Vulture that "if there's a character ... that feels original enough, has enough momentum and enough of a storytelling engine, we will definitely look to spin Empire off for next season." (Hee hee, "storytelling engine." Imagine trying to have a conversation with a TV exec without clawing out your eyeballs.) And this character would almost certainly appear on the currently airing season, likely in the second half.

Of course, Walden also laid out the disclaimer that they're not rushing anything and they don't want to tarnish the Empire brand, but come on, we all know there is an underground bunker somewhere that is full of people working on this spin-off 24/7.

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