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New weather presenter joining ABC News Breakfast

Cheerful Nate Byrne will join the new weather presenter on ABC News Breakfast, replacing Vanessa O’Hanlon who departed late last year.

Declaring a passion for science, he is a Meteorologist, Oceanographer and currently a Royal Australian Navy Lieutenant.

In addition to a Master of Science Communication Outreach and 12 years experience in the navy, Byrne was a scholar of the Shell Questacon Science Circus and toured the country delivering science shows to outback communities across Australia.

“I’m really looking forward to joining the team at ABC News Breakfast and communicating the science behind climate phenomena to viewers,” said Byrne. “People often tell me that they are interested in the weather, but that they don’t really understand it – just what is a cold front? I’m excited to get the opportunity to explain what is really driving a drought or causing a flood alongside the daily weather outlook.”

He begins on Monday, 13 March after departing his Naval duties.

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