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Doctor Who (series 8) ep 7

New 'DOCTOR WHO' Trailer!

Doctor Who (series 8) ep 7

NEW Episode of DOCTOR WHO "Kill The Moon" Premieres *** SAT OCT 4 at 9/8c *** Only on BBC AMERICA!

This week, in the near future, the Doctor (PETER CAPALDI) and Clara (JENNA COLEMAN) find themselves on a space shuttle making a suicide mission to the moon. Crash-landing on the lunar surface, they find a mining base full of corpses, vicious spider-like creatures poised to attack, and a terrible dilemma.

But when Clara turns to the Doctor for help, she gets the shock of her life.

"Hello, Earth! We have a terrible decision to make: an innocent life versus the future of all mankind..."
"Whatever future humanity might have, depends on the choice that is made right here, right now.

Doctor Who (series 8) ep 7

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