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New doco funding for ABC, SBS, Foxtel.

Screen Australia has announced funding for new documentaries.

Five are feature-length documentaries; two are for the ABC, one is for SBS and one for Foxtel.

“These projects do not shy away from hard-hitting stories that show the realities of living in a complex world. These teams impressed us with their desire to tell compelling personal stories and explore important social issues of today,” said Liz Stevens, Senior Manager of Documentary at Screen Australia.

The Archibald
4 x 52mins
Mint Pictures Pty Ltd
Executive Producer Adam Kay
Producer Seema Khanna, Dan Goldberg
Writer Dan Goldberg
Broadcaster Foxtel Arts
Synopsis: The Archibald is a stunningly visual blue-chip, four-part series for Foxtel, following a select cast of artists and their sitters as they bid to win the 2017 Archibald, the most prestigious portraiture prize in Australia. 

The Mosque
3 x 51mins
Southern Pictures Pty Ltd
Executive Producer Laurie Critchley
Producers Ross Wilson, Nicole McCuaig, Adam Adada, Adeel Qureshi, Lujayn Hawari
Writer Heather Nash
Broadcaster SBS
Synopsis: The untold true story of Australian Muslims as seen from inside the Mosque and by the community it serves.

Right Here: Finding The Go-Betweens

1 x 90mins
Essential Media and Entertainment Pty Ltd
Executive Producer Chris Hilton, David Alrich
Producer Joanne Weatherstone
Director / Writer Kriv Stenders
Broadcaster ABC
Synopsis: The inspiring story of a remarkable friendship, collaboration and melodramatic saga behind one of the most loved, successful, influential and overlooked indie bands in Australian history – The Go-Betweens.

Dying To Live
1 x 85mins
Gifting Life Pty Ltd
Producers Richard Todd, Ben McNeill
Director Richard Todd
Writer Sarah Rossetti
Synopsis: One lone father has paid the ultimate price with the tragic loss of a seven year old daughter:, who became one of Australia’s youngest organ donors. He has lobbied tirelessly to raise public awareness in the ten years since she died, and will stop at nothing until he changes the country’s policy to assume consent to organ and tissue donation for all Australians, unless we opt out. 

From The Frontline
1 x 55mins
Contact Films Pty Ltd
Producers Martin Butler, Bentley Dean, Carolyn Johnson
Directors Liz Jackson, Martin Butler, Bentley Dean
Synopsis: When acclaimed TV journalist Liz Jackson is diagnosed with a form of Parkinson’s disease that cripples her with pain and panic attacks, she turns the lens on herself to make the most challenging story of her life.

From Under The Rubble
1 x 80mins
Sensible Films Pty Ltd
Producer Anne Tsoulis, John Moore
Director / Writer Anne Tsoulis
Synopsis: Zeinat Samouni and her children give their account of what happened when Israeli soldiers came into their Gaza neighbourhood killing 48 members of their extended family.

Flight Of The Rhino
1 x 90mins
Wildbear Entertainment Pty Ltd
Executive Producers Michael Tear, Alan Erson
Producer Bettina Dalton
Director Marc Radomsky
Synopsis: In the face of relentless, extinction-threatening poaching of rhinoceroses in Africa, Ray Dearlove leads a team bent on a radical, dangerous and controversial mission to airlift a breeding herd of rhino to Australia. 

1 x 100mins
Ghost Pictures Pty Ltd
Producers Richard Lowenstein, Maya Gnyp, John Battsek
Director / Writer Richard Lowenstein
Synopsis: A journey into the stormy and secretive heart of Michael Hutchence, adored lead singer and songwriter of INXS.


1 x 90mins
Nerdy Girl Pty Ltd
Directors Eva Orner, Hilla Medalia
Documentary Production – Commissioned Program

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