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Networks still up to clever coding for finales

Networks are still unable to agree on coding times for their “Winner Announced” style segments of Reality TV and Sport.

OzTAM has previously stipulated a 15 minute minimum for split-coded segments but TV Tonightcan reveal TEN and Seven have coded briefer segments this year:

The Bachelor, TEN – 9 minutes
Masterchef, TEN – 9 minutes
My Kitchen Rules, Seven – 9 minutes
House Rules, Seven – 10 minutes
Aus F1 GP ‘Podium,’ TEN – 13 minutes
Gold Coast 600 ‘Podium,’ TEN – 13 minutes
AFL Grand Final ‘On the Ground’, Seven – 14 minutes

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, TEN – 15 minutes
The Voice, Nine – 16 minutes
Aus MotoGP ‘Post-Race,’ TEN – 16 minutes
The Bachelorette, TEN 16 minutes
Australia’s Got Talent, Nine– 18 minutes
AFL Grand Final ‘Presentations,’ Seven – 19 minutes
Aus F1 GP ‘Post Race,’ TEN – 20 minutes
NRL Grand Final ‘Presentation,’ Nine – 60 minutes
Reno Rumble, Nine – (No split) 89 minutes.

The advantage of a short segment is it can act like a ‘peak’ and finish higher in rankings.

Two years ago TEN was the only network sticking to the 15 minute minimum. This year it’s Nine.

In 2014 OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer told TV Tonight, “Hopefully we have agreement this year that they will continue to hold to fifteen minute averages across those programmes.

“In principle everyone said they would adhere to it, but as you know at OzTAM we take the logs from the networks and that’s what we run the service off. So hopefully everyone will follow suit.”

However, the 15 minute minimum was not a “rule” and timing was up to individual networks.

Victor Corones from MagnaGlobal has previously told TV Tonight, “OzTAM is beholden to their stakeholders but it would be nice if they could forge ahead and say ‘Right, these are the rules.’

“It’s self-regulation. It doesn’t stop them from releasing a programme format that’s 5 minutes.”

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