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Networks still angry over election blackouts

Free to Air networks have again called upon the government to dump the political election blackout.

TV networks and radio in Western Australia are banned from political advertising from midnight, until the close of polls.

“In an age where political parties are using multiple platforms to reach out to voters, it makes no sense to continue to apply a restriction to just one form of media,” Free TV spokesperson Pam Longstaff said today.

But while networks are missing out on advertising revenue, there are no rules for online.

“From midnight, the online news and Facebook feeds of Western Australians will be flooded with political ads—as marketing budgets are switched from broadcast to social media,” she continued.

“There is no reason for this restriction to continue to exist in 2017. It only serves to put commercial broadcasters at a disadvantage to all other media and is entirely at odds with modern marketing techniques.”

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