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(Joshua Willis) 1

Neighbours: Josh scares Amber off! (Monday)

Josh Willis

Amber's resting at the Willis house after her fall but when Josh unwittingly invades her personal space with an intimate gesture will she take herself off home?

Sonya invites Mark for lunch and suggests he bring Paige so she and Toadie can get to know her better. But Paige sends Tyler a sneaky SOS text, asking him to rescue her. Arriving home later, Mark's surprised to find Paige hanging out with Tyler. Is this the end for the couple?

When Paul suggests Naomi should change her wardrobe for the good of their public image she insists she won't compromise who she is. Has Paul blown it?

Later, Naomi runs into Joshua at Off Air and the pair have some fun by hitting the foosball table - but will they give in to their attraction?

5:30pm, Monday, 28 September 2015 | Five

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