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i16-Neighbours_WK33_EP7179 (3)

Neighbours: A spark ignites between Amy and Kyle!

Toadie and Sonya, worry that Nell might not be ready for daycare, given how badly she’s suffering separation anxiety over the loss of her teddy. Kyle comes up with an idea and an impromptu memorial service is arranged for Nell’s teddy. How will Amy thank Kyle?

Russell Brennan arrives to a less than joyous reception from his sons and Aaron is furious with Mark for inviting him. Meanwhile, Tyler jumps on his bike and leaves town. He winds up at the Men’s Shed where Karl fails to get him to open up. Russell, meanwhile has a surprise for Paige…

When Russ turns up at the bar and Sheila has absolutely no interest in flirting with him, Naomi’s concern grows. Has her mother definitely lost her mojo?

5:30pm, Thursday, 13 August 2015 | Five


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