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NBC Banishes Hannibal and Aquarius to Saturday Nights..

The sad news for Hannibal got even sadder today. First, NBC canceled the Bryan Fuller-created drama, then Amazon and Hulu both passed on saving the series, and now NBC has moved Hannibal to Saturday nights, where it will fade away its final season on the network, Deadline reports.

**Hannibal Trailer


Hannibal wasn't the only show that got the boot, though. Aquarius, David Duchovny's drama about the hunt for Charles Manson in the groovy '60s, was also pushed to Saturday nights. Aquarius and Hannibal were paired together on Thursdays. Now Aquarius will air at 9pm on Saturday, followed by Hannibal at 10pm. A special edition of schedule hole-filler Dateline will take over Thursdays in the interim.


Aquarius Trailer

The news shouldn't be that surprising for Hannibal given NBC has put it in full burn-off mode. But for Aquarius, it's like, "What gives?" considering that NBC already renewed it for a second season. If you'll remember, Aquarius was the show that NBC experimented with by putting the entire season online following the premiere on NBC. Nothing says confidence in a second season like trying not to grow a show's audience in its first season by throwing it in a viewership graveyard.

The silver lining for Hannibal here is that the demotion to Saturdays should have no effect on its chances—which were already getting slimmer and slimmer with each passing day—of getting picked up by another network.

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