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Natalie Cassidy vs Kimberley Walsh - Morgana Robinson's The Agency: Episode 3 Preview - BBC Two

Natalie Cassidy holds the first class of her fame school, but is rudely interrupted by another celebrity who has double-booked the village hall.

In this week's episode, we follow Vincent's assistant Rachel as she chaperones global megastar (and relentless chatterbox) Adele through a press junket for her latest album. Back at Mann Management, Vincent is dealing with a terrified Danny Dyer, who has been the victim of a cyber crime. Worried that some 'sensitive' material might be leaked, Vincent suggests that Danny might want to pursue a 'political cause' to create some positive PR. Unfortunately this backfires when Danny misinterprets Vincent's advice to get involved with the badger cull. Meanwhile, Natalie Cassidy is attempting to give something back to the community by setting up a fame school and teaching local kids everything she knows about show business.

 Morgana Robinson’s The Agency

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