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Season 2 Episode 14

"Too Far Gone"

Tandy is understandably anxious about attending the “Welcome Home from Prison” gathering Rayna is throwing for their father. She’s so uncomfortable that she skips out the moment Lamar arrives. That’s cool. Maddie and Daphne treat their grandpa to a little concert (with some help from mom) that has ex-inmate all smiles.nash 2   nash 4

Rayna is shocked when Teddy tells her that Tandy is the one that led the feds to her father. She’s further blown away to learn that her sister wanted to punish Lamar because she believes he’s responsible for their mother’s death. Rayna flat-out asks her father if he killed her mother. Lamar explains that he tried to stop her from leaving him when the car crash occurred. Rayna’s mom was already gone. He panicked and fled the scene.

Scarlett is burning the candle at both ends thanks to some pills she’s been taking for a little energy boost. However, she oversleeps once the effect wears off. This leads to even more pill-popping. Soon Scarlett is back on top of her game as she films a music video.

Deacon swings by to ask Avery to engineer his “Live from the Bluebird” album. He has no idea Juliette is in the bedroom desperately trying to avoid being seen. It’s not easy. Juliette continues to lay low at Avery’s place, but she does manage to keep busy. She remodels the entire apartment with all new furniture. Avery believes she’s slipped into Martha Stewart-mode because she’s afraid of facing the public.

Deacon flips out on Megan when he learns that the big case she’s been working on involves helping Teddy. This has her shuffling off the case on one of her partners. As for Deacon, he’s a tad ornery as the recording session for his album draws ever closer. He apologizes to Megan, who shows up to support him at the Bluebird. A somewhat jittery Scarlett is also there. Even Juliette comes out of hiding for Deacon’s big event, though she’s probably there to see Avery just as much.

Deacon dedicates his first tune to Megan. All is good between these two once again. Deacon realizes that Avery and Juliette are an item. The couple in question decides they should get back to work in the studio. Avery is all in on one condition. He wants his old furniture back.

Will is discouraged to learn that Edgehill is pushing his album to drop the same day as one being put out by Rayna. Gunnar offers him a new tune, but he’s not interested in doing a ballad about being broken. Will says that’s just not his brand. He’s not happy with any of the demos being sent his way either. His real problem is denying his feelings for Brent. Will asks Jeff Fordham to step in. A short time later, Brent is fired. After singing the ballad Gunnar wrote for him, a conflicted Will says no one else will ever hear him sing it.

Zoey has aspirations of working as a backup singer, but finds it difficult to get in the door of that world. She’s frustrated at her lack of direction in life. She also notices how out-of-sorts Scarlett seems. Deacon’s night at the Bluebird inspires Zoey to revisit an agency that had rejected her when she first walked in. She hands over a demo of her church solos and assures the lady in charge that she really can sing.

A furious Rayna wants to know if Lamar tried to murder the father of her children. Her father has no response. Lamar later learns from Teddy that Tandy turned him in. He has a heart attack right in the middle of the mayor’s office. Teddy must decide if he will help the man he’s vowed to make pay for his wife’s death.

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