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Season 2 Episode 19


Maddie's news goes viral and stirs a media frenzy including being a "Hot Topic" on "The View," and the real-life co-hosts of "The View"- Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy guest-star as themselves. Rayna tries to manage the fallout by going on "Good Morning America" and real-life anchor Robin Roberts guest stars as herself. When Juliette faces more empty seats on her tour, she reaches out to Charlie Wentworth (Charlie Bewley) for a favor, and Scarlett's mother, Beverly (Dana Wheeler-Nicolson), surprises her daughter in San Francisco, but things do not go well...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]




Deacon is rifling through his house, looking for booze that he hid.

Luke comes to Rayna to apologize for his reaction to the Deacon-Maddie thing. He says he has a sore spot where Deacon is concerned all the way back to '92 to when they were all starting out. Deacon flaked on her, Luke sat in and was hoping Rayna would notice him but all she could talk about was Deacon. But they note they are here together now.

Rayna gets a call and turns on "The View" and they're talking about the "love child" business. Whoopi says they all have skeletons in their closet and to just roll the clip.

They show the clip and we switch to Juliette watching with Glenn in a Chicago hotel room. They feel bad for Maddie. She notes she's still dead at country radio and is playing to half full houses. Glenn throws a paper on the sofa and says it's too bad she doesn't know someone high up in country radio. Charlie Wentworth is on the front page and he's in Chicago. Avery says he's headed to record with Scarlett and Juliette ogles Charlie in the paper.

Gunnar brings coffee and biscuits to Zoey whose working on new headshots. He gets a letter from a messenger. He opens it and it's a check for $400,000. They excitedly jump up and down.

Scarlett runs to her hotel door thinking it's Avery and it's her mother, Beverly, who is a trainwreck and just quit her job. She's happy to see Avery, who notes they're not dating again, just recording together.

Teddy and Rayna pick up the kids at school and they are swarmed by paparazzi. Thanks "The View."

Rayna and Teddy and Luke confront Maddie. Tandy takes Daphne upstairs. Everyone is very upset. Rayna suggests they put out a press release saying it's a personal matter and to respect their privacy. Teddy doesn't think that will be enough in our modern world. Rayna says okay they need to tell the story and they need to be a united front and Luke and Rayna go to see Deacon since Luke's kid Colt was involved in posting it too.

Gunnar wants to do crazy stuff with the check like buy a motorcycle and fly to Paris for dinner. But Zoey's cooler head prevails and she says she's keeping it until he calms down. Besides she has another audition tomorrow and she needs to focus. She notes how dumb she felt giving the last people a CD of her singing at church as if it were a real demo. Gunnar gets a lightbulb and says he knows what he wants to spend some money on and it's not a splurge but a necessity.

The paparazzi are swarming Deacon's house. He's not there. Luke and Rayna sit outsides and she notes he can be volatile. Luke wonders if she thinks he's drinking again. She doesn't know but if he's on a bender she knows where to look and wants to go by herself. But Luke says he knows what Deacon's like when he's drunk and he's going too.

Beverly arrives at the makeshift studio at the venue and wants to hear some of Juliette's tracks. Avery demurs that they are not ready. Juliette comes in and Beverly gives her a big hug and reminds us that of course, she's also Deacon's sister who Juliette once had in her band. She notes she had aspirations and then she got pregnant. Beverly is impressed that her daughter is on tour with Luke and Juliette and played with the Zac Brown Band and is now recording an album but she doesn't sound happy for her.

Juliette runs the Charlie Wentworth idea by Avery worried that he might not like it. But he thinks it's a smart idea. She doesn't want him to be uncomfortable. He kisses her and tells her to make the call. She's confused and almost seems to want him to be uncomfortable/jealous.

Luke and Rayna show up at Deacon's cabin and see a booze bottle on the ground outside and the house torn up inside. Deacon is mad to see them. Rayna asks for a second alone. Deacon is mad she brought Luke but she points out she doesn't know what she'd find. She tells him he can't just runaway every time things get hard. He is confused about what she's talking about saying it's not even her business and asks if Megan called. She's confused and explains she's there because the entire world knows about their daughter and his front lawn is teeming with reporters.

She says they need to confront it head on as united front, herself, Deacon and Teddy. But once she mentions his name Deacon pops off and says he wants to kill him. Rayna asks why and he tells her to ask Teddy.

Scarlett talks to Avery about how she hates how her mother acts like they're best friends in public and that every second she spends with her it feels like a lie. He says he remembers hearing her call Beverly and give updates and say I love you. She said they never talked about anything serious and it was just a habit. She notes her mother had a terrible life so she can't help the way she is.

Zoey is in the studio recording a demo she can use for auditions. She sings a pretty, soulful ballad. While she's singing Gunnar gets a call from the Mercy Lounge asking for the band to come in and perform. Gunnar says they broke up. The owner says he's only interested in the band not just him solo.

Juliette meets with Charlie and they talk about how crazy it all got. He kisses her. She says he got the wrong impression and that she's seeing somebody. "Oh yes, the roadie," he replies. She says she loves him. He notes that she's really moved on. She asks him not to hold it against her. He says he won't and will send a fleet of programmers to her show and ask them to promote the hell out of her songs.

Teddy tells Rayna about Megan, and she's disgusted and asks whether it was because it was Deacon's girlfriend. Teddy feels like he's being boxed out with every song and guitar lesson and that he's an outsider to their world and he's not losing Maddie to Deacon.

Beverly watches the news about Maddie and asks Scarlett if she knew Deacon had a daughter with Rayna. Scarlett says it wasn't her secret to tell. Beverly freaks out and calls this a betrayal and fumes that she is not part of this family anymore. She freaks out and calls her a brat and tells her to shut up because she makes her sick.

In a joint bath Juliette tells Avery about her meeting with Charlie and admits Charlie tried to kiss her. Avery says he figured he would, since he knows Charlie Wentworth. She seems to get mad at first and he asks her what and she says nothing and kisses him.

Zoey goes back to the woman she auditioned for, Jackie, who says she likes her head shots and demos and she tells her to go L.A. and thinks she could be very popular in the pop/R&B/hip-hop world since there's nothing much on the horizon in Nashville right now. Jackie says she has contacts that she will recommend her to and says now she has to ask herself how bad does she want it.

Scarlett pops some pills. Beverly decides to jam with Scarlett's band before her soundcheck. She sings "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad" pretty credibly actually and gets a nice hand. She jokes when Scarlett comes onstage that she just wanted to show her how it was done. Scarlett sits at the piano and says "this is for you mama" and proceeds to sing "Black Roses" the devastating angry ballad she wrote about how hard it was growing up with her mother and how she was evil. Beverly definitely gets it and starts to cry. It's a pretty great vocal performance.

As they walk offstage, Beverly angrily confronts her and asks if that's what she thinks, that she's some kind of monster. Scarlett says she loves her but knows she knows what she did to Scarlett her whole life. Beverly grabs her and yells at her and pinches her and Scarlett flashes back to the abuse she suffered at Beverly's hands as a child. Beverly says Scarlett's life was a picnic compared to her own childhood.

Maddie goes into Daphne's room with her guitar and wants to play with her. Daphne doesn't want to anymore. She tearily asks why she posted the video and used Deacon's name and wonders if she doesn't want to be her sister anymore. Maddie says she was just mad and frustrated and she screwed up and apologizes and asks for forgiveness. Daphne turns away. Maddie tries to get her to sing with her but Daphne resists even though she does smile. Maddie leaves and Daphne starts singing and they harmonize on the Lumineers song.

Luke and Rayna go to a TV studio to do "Good Morning America" with Robin Roberts. Tandy sends Luke out to find Teddy. Tandy tells her it's going to be okay. Rayna wonders aloud if she had told Deacon the truth maybe it would've cured him and he would've become a stand up guy and father. Tandy says that's not how it works and she remembers how Deacon was and that Rayna wanted a better life. She wonders what that even means now that she and Teddy are divorced, she doesn't even know him anymore, her family's all screwed up, and Maddie's life has been blown up. Is this better?

Zoey tells Gunnar what Jackie told him and he reacts poorly saying she hasn't even tried Nashville yet. Zoey notes that Jackie thinks she should be proactive and is just taking a couple of weeks off. He tells her to quit her job and move in with him. She notes that it's an incredibly generous offer but doesn't want a sugar daddy and wants to stand on her own two feet. He says he want to make her dreams come true but she says he should focus on his own.

Charlie shows up at Juliette's concert. Avery confronts him and says he didn't like the way he treated Juliette and that she deserves better. Charlie doesn't think that's Avery who he says is out of his league. Avery says it's not always about money and power and he can't buy her.

Juliette is in her dressing room texting with Maddie offering help. Scarlett, shaken by the encounter with her mother goes and asks for the night off. Juliette says it's not Dairy Queen and she can't take the night off. Scarlett practically begs her to not make her go out there tonight. Juliette realizes it's Scarlett's mom that's messed her up and says if anyone understands what she's going through it's her and that she needs to get up there and smile when she feels like crying. So Scarlett goes back to her dressing room and has a big drink on top of the pills.

Back at "GMA" Deacon shows up. He asks Rayna what she wants him to do. She says she wants him to tell the truth. They go live. They untangle the paternity: Rayna got pregnant, she was already dating Teddy, she told him, she didn't tell Deacon. Deacon admits he was a drunk who wasn't ready to be a father and that Teddy and Rayna did a great job of raising Maddie. Teddy says he may not be Maddie's biological father but he fell in love with her from the moment he met her. Deacon says he has a relationship that's remarkable with Maddie. It's all very well done. So Robin moves on and notes that the video got a ton of hits and really good feedback and asks if Maddie will be the next Taylor Swift. They all laugh nervously. Once they're done, Deacon leaves. Tandy thinks it was perfect and Luke agrees and then he leaves too. He wades through the paparazzi outside the studio and gets into a waiting chauffeured SUV. He punches the back of the head rest and tells the driver to take him to the airport.

Gunnar drives by a house for a sale and gets another lightbulb.

Scarlett wanders around drunk backstage. Avery asks if she's drunk and tries to stop her and she hits Avery and tells him to get off her. He tells a roadie to get Juliette pronto.

Rayna visits Deacon at his cabin. They talk. He tells her that she should've told him and asks her why she didn't when Maddie was 3 or 5 or 10 and why didn't she give him more time to be her daddy? She notes he was always a part of her life. He says she knows that's not the same and that he never got to see her sleep or feel her cling to his leg when she was shy around people and that he was there all the time and didn't know and she'd still be lying to him if Maddie hadn't found out. She says he doesn't know that and she did what I did for my daughter. She notes she wanted to be his wife, to raise Madde together in a wonderful loving home but Deacon couldn't provide that. And she asks when exactly is a good time to blow up your kids' life with this kind of news? And also when he did find out the news he didn't scoop her up into an embrace, he got drunk.

Charlie is talking to the inebriated Scarlett and Avery aggressively tells him to stay away. As they fight, she wanders onstage drunk. Juliette arrives and is mad that he's not mad Charlie kissed her but is that Charlie was talking to Scarlett. Before he can explain their attention is directed to Scarlett who is now completely freaking out onstage, seeing her mother everywhere in the crowd, crying and screaming and eventually crawling under the piano as people start taking pictures and booing. Avery runs onstage and tries to calm her down and Juliette realizes she has a big problem on her hands.



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