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Multiscreen Report Q4 2016: More than just TV

The latest Multiscreen Report from Regional TAM, OzTAM and Nielsen indicates the TV is increasingly used for more than just Free to Air and Subscription TV.

Australians are spending an average of 30:56hrs a month using TVs for ‘Other use’ such as SVOD (Netflix, Stan, etc.), Gaming, DVDs, Internet and Timeshifted beyond 28 days. In 2015 it was 28:42hrs.

But Free to Air and Subscription TV consumption still dominate, if losing ground with each passing year.

Five years ago we watched an average of 113:38hrs of Broadcast TV (FTA and STV) per viewer per month (94:24hrs per person).

Now that figure is 81:18hrs per person within a 28 day period. Of that, 72:51hrs (89.6%) is Live, down from 93% in 2013.

Five years ago we averaged 12hrs per month of playback (recorded TV) through the TV set. The figure is now calculated separately, not as a total, at 6:51hrs (8.4%) within 7 days and another 1:35hrs (1.9%) within 28 days. 48 minutes of that is viewed in prime time.

Five years ago Australians also spent an average of 3:27hrs per month watching online videos on their PCs. Now that figure is 12:07hrs. Add to that another 2:46hrs on smartphones and 2:34hrs on tablets.

Today 37% of homes have internet-capable TVs, up from 32% a year ago. Our homes now have an average of 6.4 screens each, the majority of which are internet capable.

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer said: “This fifth anniversary Multi-Screen Report shows the viewing landscape continues to evolve. Many of the content, device and platform options that today allow viewers to access video anytime, anywhere were in their infancy when the report was first published. Amid unprecedented choice, the TV set remains the primary screen for most: Australians still spend a remarkable 2 hours and 39 minutes each on average per day watching live or playing back broadcast TV channel content on in-home sets – just half an hour less than they did six years ago.”

Regional TAM Chairman and General Manager, Prime Television, Tony Hogarth said: “The Multi-Screen Report once again highlights the strength of broadcast television. Regional television continues to consistently deliver time spent viewing results that are higher than the national average. Our regional audiences are spending just over 95 hours on average during a month watching broadcast television.”

Craig Johnson, Managing Director, Media, Nielsen, said: Since the report’s inception five years ago, many things have changed, but overall Australians are consuming more media content that ever.

“However, digging beneath the bonnet reveals that fragmentation of channels and devices is growing the ‘long tail’, meaning Australian audiences are increasingly taking control of their TV viewing, watching video content wherever and whenever they want, and on the device or screen of their choice.”

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