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Mr. Robot's Latest Casting Offers Us More Hints About Season 2

I've been sitting at my Tandy TRS-80 with my AOL disc loaded trying to hack into USA Network's system to get any details on Mr. Robot Season 2, but one thing has me stuck: I still can't figure out how to turn the darned machine on. Thankfully, the endless TV news cycle has some details for us, and we didn't even have to upload a trojan root kit worm doodad to find out!

Actress Grace Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep and sister of Manhattan's Mamie Gummer, will be joining the second season of USA's breakout hit and Golden Globe-winning drama as a series regular, the network announced Friday. And here's where it gets interesting: she'll play Dominique "Dom" DiPierro, an FBI agent investigating the fsociety hack on Evil Corp that took place somewhere between the ninth and tenth episodes of the first season while Elliot was masterminding the whole thing when he was in la-la land. Oh, so the FBI is getting involved now, eh? That totally makes sense, and now Elliot's visions of people in suits following him won't be so questionable.

Earlier this monthMr. Robot creator Sam Esmail said Season 2 will clear up Mr. Robot's fractured timeline, flesh out some backstory, and also disprove some things from Season 1 that we thought were real because Elliot is an unreliable narrator. Hopefully, it's that someone is always around to feed Qwerty. That poor fish!

Gummer's previous credits include American Horror StoryExtant, and The Newsroom. Season 2 of Mr. Robot is expected to premiere this summer.

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