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Mr. Robot's Creator Is Rebooting the Sci-Fi Classic Metropolis

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail isn't done taking down the rich and powerful.

Esmail is somehow finding time in his incredibly busy schedule -- he wrote, directed and oversaw every episode of Mr. Robot's second season -- to add another project to his pile. He's currently adapting the classic science-fiction film Metropolis as a miniseries, according to The Hollywood Reporter. No network is attached yet, but it's being set up at Universal Cable Productions and isn't expected to air for two to three years.

Metropolis, considered one of the first great science-fiction films, was released in 1927 and directed by Fritz Lang. The story follows a dystopian society where a poor working class toils away on subterranean machines that power the city that the rich and powerful live in above ground. The central plot involves the star-crossed love between the son of the city's wealthy ruler and a poor working woman. The miniseries is in the early stages of development, but is expected to follow the film's story.

THR also says that UCP is prepared to spend $10 million per episode (yowza!), and will shop the miniseries to all outlets, not just networks that are part of NBC Universal.

Season 3 of Mr. Robot is scheduled for 2017.

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