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More legal action as Seven seeks to halt Amber Harrison leaks

The dispute between Seven West Media and former employee Amber Harrison has taken another turn with the company taking further legal action over documents she has released on Twitter.

In a statement Seven said:

Seven West Media today obtained an interim, ex parte injunction in the Supreme Court of NSW against its former employee Ms Harrison releasing documents or information that is the property of the company, which she appears to have taken before she left her employment and which she has retained without authority and in breach of her employment obligations.

It became clear late last week that Ms Harrison is now releasing or divulging commercial in confidence emails and other documents that she has no right to hold, access or release.

These documents extend beyond the scope of the other dispute Ms Harrison has with SWM.

The relief sought is based not only on breaches of the Settlement Deeds but also and importantly on
violations of obligations of confidentiality arising under the general law, the Corporations Act and her former contract of employment.

The action comes ahead of a presentation of the company’s annual results on Wednesday which is expected to be fronted by CEO Tim Worner, who had a consensual affair with Harrison.

“It will be business as normal,” a spokesman told the AFR. “He will take questions from the media and will participate in the roadshow afterwards.”

Harrison remains defiant on social media in her complaints to the Board.

The court will consider the matter further tomorrow -Valentine’s Day.

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