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MKR villain blames it all on reality producer who was just ‘doing her job’

Like a scene straight out of UnREAL (except this one’s not a dating show) My Kitchen Rules villain Josh Meeuwissen told Kyle & Jackie O today that producers had coerced him into saying something for the cameras.

Tonight on the Seven series he drops the words “sluts” directed to a female contestant. Seven is promoting it as a “jaw dropping insult.”

Today he said, “There was a particular interview where a producer so badly wanted me to discuss something I wasn’t comfortable to discuss to the point that we both exited a room, she followed us to the hotel, where the interview took place, took the lift with us and followed us to our hotel room, the entire way hounding, pleading with us, blackmailing us until she… and then she had the audacity to justify this behaviour as ‘doing her job,'” he said.

‘Doing her job’ and manipulation is of course the approach that UnREAL‘s ruthless producer Rachel (Shiri Appleby) uses to justify what she extracts from reality contestants, in the behind-the-scenes US exposé.

But during the interview Meeuwissen appeared to get cold feet over his revelations, and clammed up on air.

He also questioned why the comment was airing, noting that WA viewers would go from Fat Cat saying goodnight to viewers at 7:30 before the “sluts” comment airing on MKR.

But he didn’t deny using the word.

“I totally understand that I didn’t use my best judgement, it’s in the past now,” he admitted. “Amy and I are still friends. I was shocked that they said they were going to show that comment. ”

Seven has been contacted for comment.

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