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MKR reveals mystery judge

Chef Darren Robertson has been officially revealed as the new “mystery” judge on My Kitchen Rules, accompanying judge, Colin Fassnidge.

But the co-founder of Sydney restaurant Three Blue Ducks, was leaked by womens’ magazines a month ago.

UK born-Robertson, who also runs The Farm in Byron Bay, is renowned for sustainability and using organic local produce in his cooking.

“I’m stoked to be a part of such an iconic Australian show,” he said. “From the diversity in characters to the food we get to eat, it’s been awesome. In terms of what I bring to the table – I’m honest, I have a fair bit of experience in the cooking game and I love to eat. Colin fires bullets from the hip and everyone ducks for cover, whereas I’m more of a sniper… but we all know he’s really a big softy. With Group 3, get ready for tears, some unfortunate events in the kitchen and some cracking cooks too.”

Colin Fassnidge added, “I’ve known Darren for 20 years. He has worked for some of the greats in the world and the amount of knowledge he brings to the competition is huge. He’s cool, calm, collected and quite nice compared to me apparently. We don’t always agree on everything and that’s good. He’s also a beautiful looking man and a lot of the women at the table were flirting with him. Look out Manu!”

Robertson debuts with Group 3’s Instant Restaurant round on Wednesday 7.30pm on Seven.

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