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Season 2 Episode 7

"Why Do Fools Fall in Love?"

April confronts Daniel about coming clean; Scott's work as a plastic surgeon troubles Joss...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Karen makes a date with Jacob after they bump into each other. She’s been going out a lot lately, so she offers to cook him dinner. During the course of the evening, Jacob admits that he lied before. He still has feelings for her. He leans over and gives her a kiss. Then he pulls away. He feels like he needs to take care of the situation with the woman he’s been dating before things go any further. So he does. Then they make love. Afterwards, Karen learns that the woman he was seeing is her patient, Anna the escort.

Joss finds it weird that Scott gets photos of breasts sent to him on his phone all in the name of his business. She starts questioning their relationship because he’s a little weird. She’s also weird, but at least she owns her weirdness. Things get even more awkward when one of Scott’s newly big-breasted patients asks him to give his work a little feel while they are at the movies.

Joss goes off on Scott when he’s late for a dinner date they had with friends. She angrily asks why he couldn’t take the time to call. Turns out he has a good reason. He had a patient die on his table while performing a routine procedure he’s done thousands of times. Joss is understandably thrown by this news.

Harry believes Joss is jealous of Scott’s patients. He suggests she try to fix things with him. She does. She also learns Scott isn’t exactly proud of his work. The surprises keep coming when he admits he’s in love with her. Joss accepts his invitation to move in with him.

April wonders about the mysterious redhead who was spotted with Daniel. She asks him to take her to Vermont for the weekend. Daniel initially agrees, but then cancels. April calls him out about his lies. Daniel admits that the redhead he was spotted with is his wife. He tries to apologize. This isn’t something he does. What they had was real. He loves her even though he doesn’t deserve her. April hears him out and then asks him to leave. Then she shows up at his loft asking to just be with him.

Dom questions Savi about what she was up to the night he spotted her with Zack. He catches her in a lie. Savi finally comes clean about Zack. He’s just a friend. A skeptical Dom wants to meet the guy. Lunch plans are made. Dom immediately goes on the attack. He believes that Zack wants more. This claim is not denied. Needless to say, the lunch does not end well.

Zack shows up at Savi’s place later that night to apologize. He feels bad, but doesn’t want to pretend about the nature of their relationship. He wonders why she didn’t tell her boyfriend about him sooner. Dom also wonders about this. He believes they are very far apart in how they interpret their relationship with each other. He wants to know what Savi was getting from Zack that she isn’t getting from him. They need to take a break until she figures that one out.

Savi meets up with Harry, who tells her that he’s moving back to Australia. He leaves in a few weeks. Savi takes this news especially hard. She feels she really made a mess of things. Harry offers the notion that everything happens for a reason. Right now, however, Savi is having a hard time seeing what that reason is.


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