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Season 1 Episode 3

"Pet Rock"

Parents turn to Edwards and Associates for help when their daughter joins a cult...

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Sofie was a promising college student before she fell into the world of a cult headed by the persuasive Jonah Kane. The young woman’s parents seek help from Edwards and Associates. The team is fully staffed, as Clark hired Sam behind his brother’s back. Ross ultimately welcomes her aboard. They must all work together to help Sofie, who now goes by the name Ocean. Clark assures her parents that they can make her want to come home.

Megan bonds with Sofie while using emotional triggers to steer her toward wanting to see her family. Things are going well until Jonah steps in. He’s hip to Megan’s game. The jig is up. Now Jonah knows they are coming. Clark blames himself for underestimating this foe. He spins a tad out of control. Things get worse when he learns that Claire is leaving to take a job elsewhere. Clark settles down once she agrees to stay.

Clark is back on his game with the idea of hypnotizing Sofie. They need to act fast before Jonah ships her off to Mexico on a bus. A fake kidnapping is set up. The team believes that once they rescue Sofie from this faux abduction, they’ll be viewed as the good guys. Jonah catches the team planting a camera in his headquarters. He confronts Clark claiming that the two of them are a lot alike.

Jonah was supposed to catch on to what the team was doing. What wasn’t part of the plan is the affect his words have on Clark, who lets Sofie’s parents know that they’ll get her daughter away from Jonah, but he won’t return her to her family. He believes Sofie needs to make decisions for herself. He wants to make her stronger. He wants to do what’s best for her.

Sam poses as a lawyer who wants to help Jonah. She gets him away from the headquarters long enough for fake kidnapping attempt. Clark shuffles Sofie off to what he calls a safe house. They begin a process of hypnosis. They have a short window of time, as Jonah realizes something is up. Clark convinces Sofie that she’s a strong, solid person like the rock he gives her to hold. This works. She calls her parents who express their support. Unfortunately, t’s not enough to keep her from getting on the bus with Jonah.

Ross wants to go after Sofie, but Clark thinks she’s a lot stronger than he thinks. He’s right. When Ross catches up to the bus, Sofie is nowhere to be found. She left. Her mother is overwhelmed when she comes home to find her daughter sitting on her front steps. The two of them share a warm hug that was a long time coming.

Clark lets Ross know that he hired Sam again. It seems she conned her way into the job the first time around. Clark knows that his brother likes her, and that she wants to change. She’s part of the celebration that takes place at the end of a successful case. Everyone is there. Everyone but Claire. A note is left for Clark. It lets him know that he’ll be okay without her. Claire left him a pet rock. Actually, it’s a pet pig. It’s something he can hold onto to remind him of his strength.





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