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Michael ends up in hospital after confronting Phelan

Michael Rodwell

Andy reports back to Michael when he overhears Phelan on the phone, flogging him some of Jason’s tools. Finding Phelan alone, Michael confronts him over Jason’s tools and his interest in Eileen. Phelan laughs in his face but as Michael turns to leave, events take a more serious twist!

Mary and Yasmeen ask Sally and Norris about the proposed Freshco development. But how will Sally react when Jenny reveals how Tim was imprisoned for his part in the poll tax riots? Meanwhile, Rita's aghast to read an article in the Gazette about Norris…

Aidan tells the factory girls that Eva’s been sacked so they’ll have to work harder to complete the O’Driscoll order. Meanwhile, Billy tells Eva he’s tracked Marta down to a park, will Aidan agree to drive them there?

Bethany finds an unlikely ally when Sarah forces her to go to school.

7:30pm, Monday, 7 March 2016 | ITV

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