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Season 3 Episode 6

"Hi, Jude"

When Milo quits his job, Myron hires a pretty female writer, Jude (guest star Kelen Coleman) to replace him. Tyler tries to earn Jude’s respect. Gibbs thinks his apartment is haunted while Neal has some apartment issues of his own. Milo struggles to prove himself as a real writer. Apolo Ohno guest-stars....


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Milo has second thoughts about quitting, so he goes back to work and tells everyone that he wants to come back. Myron informs him that his position has been replaced.



Jude, the new feature writer, is having trouble understanding the style of articles that Full Steam readers want. Myron teams Jude with Tyler to write a new article.


Men-at-Work-3 Men-at-Work-4

At the Apollo Ono photo shoot, Gibbs gets stressed when Apollo doesn't like his vision for the pictures. He explains to Apollo that he hasn't been getting sleep.



Milo's writing isn't going that well, so he winds up getting drunk on Rum.



Gibbs hears noises in the kitchen that wake him from his sleep. He goes to hit the intruder, and it's Neal, who turns and knocks Gibbs out cold!



Next day at work, Neal brags to Myron about knocking a guy out in a fight. While he talks, Gibbs sneaks in the room with grim reaper Halloween outfit on. He tries to scare Neal, but winds up being knocked out cold again! lol


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