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Mel B alleges domestic violence during Australian visits

Mel B has alleged she was subjected to domestic violence from husband Stephen Belafonte (real name Stephen Stansbury) in documents filed for divorce.

She claims several incidents took place whilst she was filming in Australia on both The X Factorand Dancing with the Stars.

In her declaration, she alleges:
— November 2007, the night of her Dancing with the Stars finale, as she was getting ready at home, she says Stephen placed both of his hands around her neck, began choking her and slammed her down onto the hardwood floors. She says this was the pattern … when she achieved any measure of success, he would “beat me down to let me know he was in charge.”

— July 2012, while she was taping X Factor, she was going to tape a segment with Usher, and Belafonte flew into a jealous rage, punched her with a closed fist in the face, splitting her lip. When she asked how she was supposed to work with the injury, he said she should have thought of that before deciding to “flirt with and f*** Usher.”

Photos have emerged from her UK TV appearances (above) which raised concerns by viewers.

But there were excuses made to cover up physical signs including an injury from an eye infection, running in high heels and allergy reactions.

Amongst further allegations, Mel B claimed, “I have tried to leave the Respondent many times. Every time I tried, Respondent threatened me with violence and threatened to destroy my life in every possible way. He said he would destroy my career and take my kids from me.

“He threatened to release sexually explicit videotapes claiming I would never work again in the entertainment industry. These threats were made so as to allow Respondent to gain and keep control over me and my finances,” it continued.

She has been granted a restraining order.

Belafonte has denied the allegations.

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Source: TMZ, News Corp

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