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Meet the women of Hockey Wives Season 2


Angela Price, Taylor Winnik, Keshia Chanté and Rhianna Weaver join show

Pop question: What’s the biggest difference between the cast of Hockey Wives and the casts of all the other reality TV shows with the word “wives” in them?

Answer: They actually get along! For the most part, anyway.

So how does a reality show about wives survive on such little female-versus-female conflict? Well, you know, watching people try to juggle their lives around the NHL schedule can be entertaining enough.

However, there are six new women added to the lineup for Season 2, debuting Wednesday on W Network, that could change the answer to our question. Here’s a look at the full roster — and some predictions as to where the drama (because there is still drama) will lie.

Angela Price

Wife of: Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price

Her story: Angela and Carey were teenage sweethearts, and are expecting their first child in the spring (Angela ripped into media last week, after a reporter and blogger leaked the pregnancy news). These days she’s heavily involved in charities and activities with wives of other Canadiens players. She also has her own lifestyle blog, By Angela.

Dramatic potential: Remains to be seen. Angela is new to the cast, so time will tell.

Paige Getzlaf

Wife of: Anaheim Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf

Her story: It was a case of “opposites attract” for California girl Paige and Saskatchewan boy Ryan. Lucky for her, they’re back in her zone these days, where she’s busy starting her own jewelry line and organizing baby showers and other events as head of the Lady Ducks.

Dramatic potential: Low. She has three kids. Who has the time?
Taylor Winnik

Fiancee of: Toronto Maple Leafs centre Daniel Winnik

Her story: Taylor and Daniel fell in love in her native California, but they have since been forced to move to Toronto, Philadelphia and now back to Toronto, where she is still in need of a work permit if she’s going to continue her career as a photographer and producer.

Dramatic potential: There could be plenty, depending on what happens with that work permit.

Ashley Booth

Wife of: Free agent David Booth

Her story: Tennessee farm girl Ashley finally gave in to one of David’s Twitter requests for a date, and it was an instant match. The Miss Tennessee USA and Miss USA first runner-up in 2011 is a journalism grad and model.

Dramatic potential: To be determined. We will see how the other women feel about adding a beauty queen to the mix.

Keshia Chanté


Girlfriend of: Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ray Emery

Her story: Canadians remember Keshia as a R&B singer who hit it big at 14. She hasn’t stopped since, interviewing folks like Michelle Obama and Mariah Carey on the BET show 106 & Park, modelling for Pepsi, volunteering in Africa and being hailed as a fashion icon. And dating Ray, of course.

Dramatic potential: There could be some, if Keshia and Ray can’t carve out time for each other.

Rhianna Weaver

Wife of: Montreal Canadiens defencemen Mike Weaver

Her story: Rhianna put her fashion merchandising career on hold when she and Mike fell in love and started a family.

Dramatic potential: Free agent life isn’t easy. Change is coming for the Weaver family, as Rhianna returns to work in the fashion industry.

Noureen DeWulf

Wife of: Vancouver Canucks goalie Ryan Miller

Her story: An actress best known for her role opposite Charlie Sheen on the sitcom Anger Management, Noureen gave birth to son Bodhi earlier this year. The happy family of three were last seen living in Vancouver.

Dramatic potential: Noureen is itching to get back to work in Hollywood, which will make life a juggle.

Martine Forget

Fiancee of: Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier

Her story: A French-Canadian lingerie model who was back in front of the camera weeks after having her now one-year-old son, Tyler, Martine continues to balance her busy career with Jonathan’s chaotic schedule.

Dramatic potential: Low for this easygoing model mama.

Maripier Morin

Fiancee of: Montreal Canadiens left wing Brandon Prust

Her story: Maripier’s a Montreal media queen and the face of Revlon in Quebec. Ambition is her middle name. Now she has to find time to plan a wedding, after Brandon finally popped the question.

Dramatic potential: Huge. Is Brandon really ready to commit? Seriously, when will they find time to get married?

Tiffany Parros

Wife of: Retired right winger George Parros

Her story: Last season we saw Tiffany, George and their twin toddlers settle into their new Las Vegas home, but their ties in L.A. are still strong, between her buzzing fashion line and the new spa she’s opening with a friend.

Dramatic potential: Big. Take-charge type Tiffany tells it like it is, which goes over better for some of the women than it does for others.

Kodette LaBarbera

Wife of: Philadelphia Flyers goalie Jason LaBarbera

Her story: Kodette’s struggle to raise the couple’s sons Ryder (who has autism) and Easton alone in Calgary while Jason played in California broke hearts last season. Thankfully, things are looking up as the family will all settle in Philadelphia this time around. Kodette is also an autism activist involved in numerous charities.

Dramatic potential: Hopefully lower this time.

Season 2 of Hockey Wives premières Wednesday, W Network

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