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Zoe stress

Max and Zoe's wedding jitters!

Max proposes to Zoe!

Zoe and Max wake up on cloud nine before their hospital shift the morning-after-the-night Max proposed. As the day wears on, however, the couple have mixed feelings about telling people of their wedding plans!

Initially Max and Zoe decide to keep the engagement a secret from their family, who have a problem with their age difference, and only tell their closest friends. But unknown to the couple Tess has overheard their discussion and let’s slip to motor mouth Robyn - who’s so delighted her stepbrother is getting hitched she tells everyone else in the ED!

Meanwhile, the happy couple are unaware their secret is no more, and decide to keep their engagement to themselves while they figure out the date and details of the wedding….

Are Zoe and Max getting cold feet?

Elsewhere, Dylan is finding it almost impossible to treat his patients in resus bay 4, which he believes to be responsible for a recent spate of deaths. Rita notices his unusual behavior, but will she realise how serious it is?

Honey’s return has shy doctor Ethan in a flap. His inability to ask the attractive tea lady out doesn’t go unnoticed by brother Cal and co-worker Lily who give him conflicting advice.

Will Ethan listen to womanising sibling Cal, or jealous Lily, who wants him to herself?

Also this week, Louise finally faces new nurse Jacob, who knows her from elsewhere, and asks him to keep her secret…

Casualty, 9:10pm, Saturday, 1 August 2015,



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