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Marvel’s Runaways Will Premiere on Hulu This Winter

The wait for Runaways just became that much shorter with Marvel confirming it will arrive this winter. Marvel and Hulu have joined forces for the first time as part of the former’s movement to reach younger audiences on the small screen. While the company’s Netflix properties have been targeted to a more adult audience, the studio is pairing up with Hulu to carve out a stake in a younger demographic.

When that audience can expect to set their eyes on the latest Marvel Comics television project is now a little clearer, too. While no specific date has been announced, Marvel has confirmed that Runaways will debut this winter.

The announcement was made following Hulu’s network upfronts presentation. While the phrasing may point to the series debuting in November/December of 2017, the winter season extends into the following year. So an early 2018 premiere is not out of the question.

Runaways Omnibus cover Marvel’s Runaways Will Premiere on Hulu This Winter

This continues what has been a rather eventful day for Marvel, Hulu, and, of course, Runaways, as it was officially picked up for series. With a winter release now official, it is only a matter of time before the cast returns to complete production on season 1. How long that will take is unclear, however, as neither Marvel nor Hulu have confirmed how many episodes the first season of Runaways will actually be.

Even with so little being filmed to this point, Marvel has already begun to promote the show by giving a first look at some footage, as well as an official cast photo. Once production wraps, more marketing should become available. For now, though, this look at the cast and the logo for the series will have to tide fans over.

The release will build upon an already packed year for the MCU. Not only does 2017 hold three theatrical releases, but it has also seen the premiere of Iron Fist and closing in on the conclusion of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4. Meanwhile, The Defenders and The Punisher will premiere on Netflix later this year, while Inhumans starts its first season this September on ABC and in theaters for a limited time. The end of the year could be even more crowded if S.H.I.E.L.D. is renewed, so Runaways better be able to set itself apart so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Runaways will debut on Hulu this winter.

Source: Marvel

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